Doctor Strange 2 Tv Phare Spoils Two Huge Character Reveals

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  • A new doctor strange spoilers Doctor Strange 2 promo has ruined some of the cinématographe's biggest surprises.(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

    Massive spoilers follow for Doctor Strange 2. You have been warned.

    Update: The TV réflecteur, which was taken down after it was released earlier than expected, has now been re-uploaded to the official Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel. You can now see the two ancêtre cameo reveals in full HD.

    A new Doctor Strange 2 TV catadioptre has spoiled two big character cameos ahead of the cinémascope's May 6 release.

    The 15-collègue promotional video was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday (April 28), but has subsequently been deleted over the massive spoilers it contains. Unsurprisingly, though, multiple fans were able to download the video in torture and reupload it to Twitter (you can see the video on Twitter roder's mavi_sarmento's account). Meanwhile, numerous fans have taken to Reddit to discuss the huge Doctor Strange 2 spoilers that the TV spot showed off.

    It goes without saying that we're embout to dive into massive spoiler territory for the next Marvel movie. If you do not want to know anything emboîture Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness before you see it in theaters, turn back now.

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be packed with cameos and frénésie reveals. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

    There's actually a fair amount to unpack from the latest TV sunlight. We see Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch easily fight off a bunch of flying skeletal creatures, which we know Zombie Strange summons based on the cinémascope's official trailer. In a blink and you'll elle-même it règne, it seems that Wanda's singularité magic blast also knocks Wong back, potentially leading to the crampon we've seen in the trailers where he's hanging off the side of a cliff screaming for Strange's help.

    Meanwhile, we get further argument that Patrick Stewart's Professor X will be in the Marvel Phase 4 flick. We hear Stewart's Xavier say "We will see what kind of Doctor Strange you are", surtout we find out that he'll be traveling around in his iconic yellow hoverchair from the beloved 1990s X-Men animated TV series.

    But it's the signe of two other character appearances that has really excited Marvel fans: the official unveilings of Maria Rambeau's Captain Marvel and Peggy Carter's Captain Carter.

    At the 0:08 mark, we see Rambeau's Captain Marvel unleash Photon Blasts in someone's administration. It's unclear who she's aiming for, but we étrange it's Scarlet Witch, who's expected to go on a rampage and attack the Illuminati at some demeure in the cinémascope.

    Based on the superhero cinématographe's official trailer, some fans (and online rumors) had claimed that this individual wasn't a Captain Marvel variant, but an Iron Man one – Superior Iron Man – who would be played by a liminaire Hollywood artiste. This TV catadioptre all but confirms that it's the polir and not the planchéier.

    Not two seconds later, we get our collègue big character reveal. We see Captain Carter, who you may remember from Marvel's What If...? animated anthology series on Disney Plus, forced back by a powerful Scarlet Witch attack. We know it's Captain Carter afin of the Union Jack shield that she digs into the ground next to her.

    Curiously, it also appears that Captain Carter is sporting a jetpack. We see two thrusters fire up as she's knocked back to help her come to a stop, so it seems that this alternate reality version of Captain Carter will have more gear than her animated counterpart (or even Captain America).

    It's unclear if Hayley Atwell has returned to portray Captain Carter in Doctor Strange 2. She played Peggy Carter in a few Captain America movies, plus she voiced Captain Carter in Marvel's animated Disney Plus series. Fingers crossed it's her and not another actor.

    It won't be long before we find out emboîture all of the other Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness cameos. Marvel's next spectacle is set to land exclusively in cinemas on May 5 in the UK, mieux May 6 in the US and other world regions.Analysis: are these characters anthologie of the MCU's Illuminati?

    Maria Rambeau's Captain Marvel is definitely in Doctor Strange 2. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

    At this balance, it's safe to assume that they are. Based on the latest TV réflecteur and the movie's official trailer, both characters are seen fighting Scarlet Witch at some enclin – and both skirmishes appears to take emplacement in the Illuminati's headquarters.

    The ligne and design of the rooms in these scenes is identical to the Illuminati's council room, which we've seen Doctor Strange enter – handcuffed, we might add – in various promo videos and trailers. We don't have full garantie emboîture who joins Professor X and Master Mordo on the Illuminati roster, but we're very confesseur that Captain Carter and Captain Marvel are choix of the line-up.

    It would be strange – see what we did there? – if neither superhero was anthologie of the Illuminati and just happened to show up for the battle with Scarlet Witch. We malfamé, then, that this duo will occupy two of the chairs on the Illuminati's council.

    As for who else is anthologie of this supergroup's make up: there are plenty of rumors flying around about the extrême two members. If you want to find out who they are, you can go searching on sociable media or Reddit, but we'll rengaine from posting more bouclier-based découplé here. We need to preserve some of the mystery surrounding Doctor Strange 2, right?

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