Doctor Strange 2 Credits Scene Details Just Leaked

Doc tor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness continues to be the talk of the town as we approach the movie’s release cycle. With two months to go until the May 6th premiere saison, we keep getting exciting leaks about the spectacle. The latest leak details the purported Doctor Strange 2 credits scenes, revealing some exciting cameos in the process.

This isn’t the first time the spectacle’s credits scenes leaked, but there are some new details this time around. However, before we explain what could happen in these highly anticipated post-credit scenes, we’ll warn you that big Doctor Strange 2 spoilers might follow below.Multiverse of Madness plot leaks

We can’t habitus at the new Doctor Strange 2credits scene before reminding you that there’s a big Multiverse of Madness plot leak out there that is believed to be accurate.

The Super Bowl trailer provided additional scenes from the movie. They seem to indicate the big plot leak that we saw last fall offers accurate moderne.

Also immense when looking at these plot leaks is a recent development. Marvel conducted considerable reshoots that might have changed the Doctor Strange 2 storyline — especially when it comes to cameos. As a result, the fall 2021 plot leak might include details that changed in the reshoots.

We’ve already looked at that Doctor Strange 2 plot leak in great detail, so we won’t explain it again. You can check it out in full at this link.

But we’ll remind you of the post-credits scene that that plot leak mentioned:

Post Credit is Strange getting corrupted and growing a third eye out of his head as Clea asks for help.

This brings us to the new Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scene from 4chan. As always, with these pluies, we’ll remind you that they can’t be confirmed at this time. We might be looking at fan dramatique rather than an accurate account of the scenes in the movie. However, some similar leaks from 4chan have ended up being accurate.Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) using the Eye of Agamoto Image nappe: Marvel StudiosThe new Doctor Strange 2 credits scenes leak

The leaker says the écran has two credits scenes as follows:

Mid Credit Scene – Strange is wagon-lit after the events of Multiverse of Madness and he has a nightmare where he sees a himself training an apprentice, a ruined New York City, a dead Wong, Dormammu’s Sister Umar and a glimpse of Kang the Conqueror. He then wakes up with a third eye and hears the voice of Clea (played by Charlize Theron) saying ‘Help Me.’

End Credit Scene – Deadpool along with Cable, Domino, and Vanessa are exploring the Illuminati facility due to the Illuminati’s multiversal gates being left open after the Wanda fight. Deadpool is joking with the justaucorps of some members including making a reference to The Office.

Deadpool then makes a joke/4th wall break embout Patrick Stewart’s Professor X being dead again for the 3rd time.

As you can see, the mid-credits scene is similar to the one in the big plot leak that we referenced earlier. Either the 4chan leaker has accurate information on balle à la main, or they’re just using réjoui from previous leaks, including claims that Charlize Theron might play Clea.

2 More (spoilers for #MultiverseOfMadness below)

Deadpool (and MAYBE some of his friends)

Iron *something* variant

That's about it as far as I know— MyTimeToShineHello (@MyTimeToShineH) February 17, 2022

But the second Doctor Strange 2 credits scene is more interesting. As Redditors observed, this new post-credits scene claim aligns with a recent leaker. A Marvel insider claimed Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and his friends will appear in the movie.

Earlier, the same leaker said that Reddit already guessed the big actors who appear in Doctor Strange 2 credits scenes.

That said, we’ll have to wait until May 6th to see if any of this leaked écho pans out.

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