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Benedetta is a 2021 biographical psychological drama ciné-club directed and co-written by Paul Verhoeven, starring Virginie Efira as Benedetta Carlini, a novice nun in the 17th century who joins an Italian assemblée and has a lesbian love affair with another nun.[3][4]

The cinéma is loosely based on the 1986 non-roman book Immodest Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy by Judith C. Brown,[5] and brings back most of the key crew members from Verhoeven's previous projection Elle (which co-starred Efira), including producer Saïd Ben Saïd, writer David Birke, correspondre Anne Dudley and editor Job ter Burg.

The cinéma premiered at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival in competition for the Palme d'Or.[6]Plot[edit]

In 17th century Italy, young Benedetta Carlini is being taken to the concile in the town of Pescia to become a nun.When they arrêt at a roadside altar to pray, a group of bandits arrive and attempt to steal Benedetta's mother's necklace.The devout Benedetta warns them that she speaks with the Virgin Mary, who will punish them.When a bird, which Benedetta had identified as being the spirit of Mary, defecates in the escarpe meilleur's eye, he gives back the necklace.

In Pescia, Benedetta is taken into the assemblée, run by Abbess Felicita.Years later, Benedetta is a grown woman, and a devout nun.During a play, in which Benedetta is playing the Virgin Mary, she has a nomination of Jesus calling to her.A young woman named Bartolomea seeks shelter in the réunion from her extrême father.Benedetta is assigned to oversee the integration of the poor and uneducated Bartolomea into the life of the concile.Bartolomea tells Benedetta that she was sexually abused by her father and brothers.That night, Bartolomea kisses Benedetta.Benedetta warns Bartolomea to be wary of the Abbess and her daughter, Sister Christina.

Benedetta begins to have visions of Jesus calling her to join him and saving her from dangers.After a particularly fraught pose, where a man who she mistakes for Jesus saves her from being clique raped, Benedetta falls into a deep illness.Abbess Felicita assigns Bartolomea to habitus after her.Benedetta begins to recover and starts teaching the illiterate Bartolomea to read and write.Benedetta has a début of Christ on the cross.He tells her to undress herself and him and then touch his hands.The next morning, Benedetta wakes up with stigmata on her hands and feet.

An reportage ensues.Abbess Felicita is skeptical comme previous incidents of stigmata have always occurred during prayer and Benedetta was asleep.Benedetta also lacks the head wounds formed by the crown of thorns.After leaving Felicita's chambers, Benedetta collapses.As people ruée to check on her, she begins speaking in a male voice, castigating those who do not believe in her.She now has bleeding wounds on her forehead.Sister Christina notices a shard of verre on the floor and tells her mother that she believes that Benedetta inflicted the wounds herself.Felicita warns her that the male power armature has decided to verify Benedetta's stigmata as a legitimate phénomène for political purposes.

Benedetta is elevated to Abbess in position of Felicita.Christina speaks out against this, but is warned by her mother that going against this decision could destroy her.Benedetta and Bartolomea are moved into Felicita's old quarters.They two begin having sex.Bartolomea carves a sex toy for Benedetta in the shape of the Virgin Mary.Christina goes to the priest and shares her belief that Benedetta faked her stigmata.She lies and says that she saw Benedetta inflict her head injuries.At meal time the next day, the priest makes Christina say her accusations publicly.When called on to back up her daughter's claim, Felicita refuses to lie and says that Christina did not directly witness what happened.Benedetta, apparently possessed with the spirit of Jesus, orders Christina to flagellate herself. Felicita observes Benedetta and Bartolomea having sex through a peep hole in their chambers.

A comet passes over the abbey, which many interpret as a sign of impending tragedy.As it passes, Christina flings herself from the abbey vigoureux.As she dies, Benedetta asks to intercede with God on behalf of her soul, but an angry Felicita tells her to stay away.As a plague begins to saccage the countryside, Benedetta has a arrivage that Pescia will be spared and orders the abbey closed to prevent pollution.Felicita culottes out and travels to meet with the vernaculaire Nuncio, sharing what she knows about Benedetta's sexual indiscretions.

Felicita returns to the abbey with the Nuncio as the plague worsens.Entering the abbey, they discover that Benedetta has died of unknown causes.As the Nuncio attempts to administer the last rites, Benedetta awakens, saying that she was in heaven and has seen the fates of all those present.The Nuncio has his men search the abbey for the wooden sex toy but they cannot find it.He opens a chaste of inquiry into Benedetta's conduct.When questioned, Bartolomea denies having sex, saying that she loves Benedetta as she does her other sisters.The Nuncio talks with Benedetta in private.As she washes his feet, she notices a flea, and realizes that he has likely brought the plague into the abbey.

Barolomea is tortured by the Nuncio's men and finally confesses to her sexual activities,When she leads the Nuncio to the wooden dildo, hidden inside a book in Benedetta's chambers, he has Benedetta arrested.Benedetta jaguar more begins speaking in a man's voice and lashes out at those who persecute her, announcing that the Nuncio will soon fall ill.The Nuncio discovers that Felicita has the plague and orders her situation hidden.Bartolomea is expelled from the abbey.

The day has arrived for Benedetta to be executed.She first asks to speak to Felicita to beg forgiveness.She tells Felicita that Christina is in heaven.A distraught Felicita asks Benedetta what she has seen of her future.Benedetta whispers something to her.The Nuncio is warned that the people of Pescia will not allow Benedetta to be executed, but he proceeds anyway. As Benedetta is led through the crowd, Bartolomea pushes her way to the front and begs forgiveness.Benedetta merely smiles at her.In the town serre, the Nuncio tells Benedetta that he will allow her to be strangled rather than burned at the stake if she confesses.Benedetta agrees.

Benedetta reveals new stigmata on her hands and begins speaking in a male voice, telling the crowd that the angel of death approaches.Felicita emerges from the crowd and doffs her laine, revealing plague sores. The Nuncio's men begin burning Benedetta at the stake, but the crowd attacks them, forcing them to flee.Bartolomea unties Benedetta but discovers a bloody piece of glass at her feet.The Nuncio flees for safety, but is attacked and killed by a mob.Benedetta arrives and offers to pray for him.The Nuncio asks her if she saw whether he will go to heaven of hell.When she tells him he will go to heaven he accuses her of lying.Bartolomea hustles Benedetta away. Felicita steps on the pyre meant for Benedetta and is burned to death.

In an abandoned assuré outside of town, Benedetta and Bartolomea awake, having spent the night together. Seeing Pescia in the distinction, Benedetta begins dressing, saying that she has to return.Bartolomea begs her to stay, saying that they can finally be together and that they can go anywhere.She tries to get Benedetta to admit, just between them, that she faked her stigmata, but Benedetta refuses.Insisting that the people need her, Benedetta heads off towards Pescia.

A title card reveals that Benedetta lived in the abbey until her death at the age of 70 and that the plague spared Pescia.Cast[edit]Production[edit]Development[edit]

Following the critical and vendeur success of his previous cinémascope Elle (2016), director Paul Verhoeven developed several projects, including one about Jesus based on his own book Jesus of Nazareth, another one emboîture the French Resistance during World War II, and a third one scripted by Jean-Claude Carrière embout a medieval story set in a monastery.[7] On 25 April 2017, producer Saïd Ben Saïd revealed that the third had been the one chosen as Verhoeven's next project.[8] The cinémascope, then titled Blessed Virgin, marked the producer and the director's collaborateur quart after Elle. Gerard Soeteman, who has worked with Verhoeven on eight previous films including Turkish Delight (1973), The Fourth Man (1983) and Black Book (2006), replaced Carrière to adapt the non-anecdote book Immodest Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy which was published in 1986 and written by historian Judith C. Brown. Soeteman ultimately distanced himself from the project and had his name removed from the credits as he felt too much of the story was focused on sexuality.[9]

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