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UEFA Champions League is a Cup. Showing remaining 10 stats for Real Madrid and PSG. Show Season Stats

Here are the predictions and head-to-head stats contrast for Real Madrid vs PSG before begin of the healthy.

Final ResultsPossession49%fifty onep.cShots67Cards44Corners21Fouls32Offsides11xGCalculatingCalculating

*Final stats is posted 24 hours after in shape stop.

*Real Madrid CF and Paris Saint-Germain FC's common prediction statistics throughout modern-day season

Head to Head Record - Real Madrid vs PSG

Real Madrid vs PSG's face to face record shows that of the 8 conferences they've had, Real Madrid has gained three times and PSG has received three instances. 2 furniture between Real Madrid and PSG has ended in a draw.

Real Madrid v PSG Past H2H Results & Fixtures

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Goals Scored Who will The Batman Full HD VIETSUB score greater?

PSG is +thirteen% higher in phrases of Goals Scored

PSG at AwayOver 0.570p.c80p.cOver 1.550p.c40percentOver 2.530p.c30percentOver three.510percent20%Failed To Score30p.c20%Scored in 1H10%50percentScored in 2H70p.c70percentScored in Both Bẫy Ngọt Ngào Full HD VIETSUB Halves10%40%Scored Average 1H0.20.7Scored Average 2H1.401.10

* Stats include both home and away games that Real Madrid CF and Paris Saint-Germain FC have performed.

Goals Conceded Who will concede goals?

Real Madrid is +29% higher in terms of Goals Conceded

PSG at AwayOver 0.560p.c50percentOver 1.510%20percentOver 2.50%20%Over three.50percentzerop.cClean Sheets40percent50percent1H Clean Sheet70percent70%2H Clean Sheet60percent80p.cConceded Average 1H0.30.5Conceded Average 2H0.four hundred.forty

* Goals conceded records include each domestic and away games that Real Madrid CF and Paris Saint-Germain FChave played.

Over 2.5 & BTTS Predictions How many goals in this match?Real Madrid CF and Paris Saint-Germain FC's Over 0.five ~ 4.five and BTTS records.Over zero.590percent90percent90%Over 1.550percent60%55percentOver 2.550p.c50p.c50p.cOver three.530%50%40p.cOver 4.510%10%10percentBTTS40p.c40p.c40percentBTTS & Win30%20p.c25%BTTS & Draw10percentzeropercentfivepercentBTTS & Over 2.540%40percent40%BTTS No & Over 2.510p.c10p.c10p.cBTTS First HalfOver zero.5 FHOver 1.5 FHOver 2.five FHBTTS 2nd HalfBTTS Both HalvesOver zero.5 2HOver 1.five 2HOver 2.five 2HUnder zero.510percent10%10percentUnder 1.550%40p.c45%Under 2.550p.c50%50p.cUnder 3.570p.c50p.c60p.cUnder four.590%90%90p.cUnder 0.5 FH70%40percent55p.cUnder 1.five FH90%70p.c80percentUnder 2.5 FH90%80percent85%Under zero.five 2H10%10percent10%Under 1.5 2H50percent60percent55%Under 2.5 2H60percent80p.c70%

2.23@ Under 2.5 Goals@Giangini+234

1.29@ Over 7.5 Corners@kingofthedjungel

1.29@ 12@kingofthedjungel

1.50@ Under three.5 Goals@kingofthedjungel

Number of Corners How many corner kicks will there be?

* Average Corner Kicks in step with healthy among Real Madrid and PSG

Over 6Over 7Over 8Over 9Over 10Over 11Over 12Over thirteenFH AverageFH Over 4FH Over 5FH Over 62H Average2H Over 42H Over five2H Over 6

Total Match Corners for Real Madrid CF and Paris Saint-Germain FC. League AVG is Europe UEFA Champions League's common throughout 199 fits in the 2021/2022 season.

Europe UEFA Champions League Corner Stats

Team Corners Corners Earned / Against

Real Madrid CF and Paris Saint-Germain FC's man or woman crew nook facts.Corners Earned / MatchCorners Against / MatchOver 2.5 Corners ForOver 3.five Corners ForOver four.5 Corners ForOver 2.five Corners AgainstOver 3.five Corners AgainstOver 4.5 Corners Against

There is an Uncertainty whether Real Madrid will score a goal based on our information.

There is a Medium Chance that PSG will rating a goal primarily based on our facts.

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UNLOCKTotal Cards / Match

* Sum of bookings according to in shape among Real Madrid and PSG

Over 2.fiveOver 3.fiveOver four.fiveOver five.fiveOver 6.fiveCards For AverageOver zero.5 ForOver 1.five ForOver 2.five ForOver 3.five ForOver 0.5 AgainstOver 1.five AgainstOver 2.5 AgainstOver 3.five Against

Total Match Cards for Real Madrid CF and Paris Saint-Germain FC. League AVG is Europe UEFA Champions League's average. There have been 890 cards in 199 suits inside the 2021/2022 season.

Europe UEFA Champions League Card Stats

PSG is +70% better in phrases of Half Time Form

Win % 1st Half10%40percentWin % 2d Half70p.c70%Draw % 1st Half70%50percentDraw % 2nd Half10p.c10%Loss % 1st Half20%10%Loss % second Half20p.c20%

Real Madrid CF and Paris Saint-Germain FC's first half and second half of card stats on your predictions.1H Cards For Average2H Cards For Average1H Total Cards AVG2H Total Cards AVG1H Had More Cards %2H Had More Cards %1H Over 0.five Cards For2H Over zero.5 Cards For1H Total Under 22H Total Under 21H is two~3 Total Cards2H is two~three Total Cards1H Total Over three2H Total Over 3

Goals By Minute
Real Madrid and PSG's goals by 10 mins and 15 - 10 Mins4percent7percent11 - 20 Mins0%7%21 - 30 Mins0percentfourp.c31 - 40 Mins9p.c15%41 - 50 Mins9p.c19%fifty one - 60 Mins0percent11%61 - 70 Mins9percent15%seventy one - eighty Mins30percent11percent81 - ninety Mins26%11percentzero - 15 Mins4percent7p.c16 - 30 Mins0%11%31 - forty five Mins17%26%46 - 60 Mins0percent19percent61 - seventy five Mins13%19%76 - ninety Mins52%19%0 - 10 Mins0%6%11 - 20 Mins0%0percent21 - 30 Mins0p.czero%31 - 40 Mins6p.c22p.c41 - 50 Mins6p.c22%51 - 60 Mins0%17%61 - 70 Mins13percent17percentseventy one - 80 Mins38percent6%81 - ninety Mins25p.c11p.czero - 15 Mins0percent6%16 - 30 Mins0%0percent31 - forty five Mins13p.c33%46 - 60 Mins0%28%61 - 75 Mins19p.c22percent76 - 90 Mins56%11%0 - 10 Mins14percent11p.c11 - 20 Mins0p.c22p.c21 - 30 Mins0%11%31 - 40 Mins14p.c0percent41 - 50 Mins14%11percentfifty one - 60 Mins0percent0p.c61 - 70 Mins0%11%71 - eighty Mins14%22percent81 - 90 Mins28percent11%zero - 15 Mins14%11percent16 - 30 Mins0%33percent31 - 45 Mins28p.c11p.c46 - 60 Mins0percentzeropercent61 - 75 Mins0%11p.c76 - ninety Mins43p.c33%

45' and 90' consists of harm time goals.

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