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Apple has simply officially introduced the date for its first event of 2022. The invitations for the virtual March eighth went out on Wednesday and, like maximum Apple events, there was a slogan that followed it. The invite became sent out with the phrases “Peek Performance.” No, that’s now not a typo, it’s “peek” not “top,” a play on phrases.

It’s no longer clear what “Peek Performance” alludes to precisely, however genuinely it has to do with hardware running at its exceptional and we’re going to get a peek at this new extremely good aspect. That’s as vague a guess as that invitation reads.

Rumor has it Apple is making plans to unveil the following iPhone SE and the new iPad Air. We can also see new Macs. Bloomberg thinks we may additionally see the next new release of Apple’s chip – the M2. That could make sense with the complete “Peek Performance” element.

The iPhone SE is Apple’s cheaper model of the popular telephone coming in at approximately $400. It’s additionally the simplest way to shop for a brand new iPhone that also has a home button on it. The 8 became the last of the road of flagship iPhones to recreation the nostalgic little button. From the X on it’s been all screen at the front of the phone.

There’s probable not lots that they want to replace on the SE, but the new iPhone SE three may want to see a few improvements, like 5G aid and the A15 Bionic chip.

The iPad Air 5, like the SE 3, must see 5G support and the A15 Bionic chip as well as a boost to its extremely-huge the front-facing camera from 7MP to 12MP.

While a brand new fee-powerful smartphone and updated iPad Air are cool, it’s not going that’s all they’re going to unveil on the occasion. That’s why we’ll likely become seeing some thing on the Mac the front. There’s an excellent risk we’ll see an updated Mac mini equipped with the M1 Pro and Max chips or maybe the M2. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re also planning a MacBook monitor, probably a decrease-quit choice.

Of direction, half of all of what I’ve protected could be wrong. We handiest need to wait a few days to find out. You can watch the “Peek Performance” occasion on March eight at 10 am PT / 1 pm EST. Just go to Apple’s website, their YouTube channel, or fire up the Apple TV app on any Apple device.

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