Insidious Review: The Last Key, The First Key To The Gate Of The Spirit World

 Insidious: The Last Key is the fourth film in the famous horror franchise, Insidious. The film, which was worked on by Sony Pictures with Blumhouse Productions , brings back Elise Rainer, played by Lin Shaye . In this film, Elise has to deal with the past that has haunted her since childhood and tries to let it go.

We made this review for horror film fans in Indonesia. This article contains spoilers from Insidious 4, so for those of you who don't like leaks, it's better to just buy a ticket and watch the movie.

Synopsis Insidious Last Key

The film Insidious The Last Key continues from the previous film about the investigation of a parapsychologist, Elise Rainier who will investigate a supernatural disturbance that recently occurred at her family's home in New Mexico. A house that Elise once lived in when she was young.

The reason you should watch Insidious Last Key

As usual, we will provide the advantages and disadvantages of the film being reviewed. Here are some reasons why you should watch this film:

+  Very exciting start story

The film opens with Elise's past dreams. Since childhood, he has had the talent to sense other beings. He was often punished by his father for admitting the existence of another life. Her mother already knows her child's abilities, she gives Elise's sister Christian a whistle to use if something goes wrong and her mother promises to come when the whistle is sounded.

That night, Elise thought she was talking to Cristian about people dying by the electric chair, and someone answered. At first he thought it was his sister, but Christian was already asleep. He who realized tried to communicate. But out of fear they both screamed until their father heard. Finally he was locked in the underground for admitting there are ghosts.

It was there that he spoke to the ghostly entity holding the key and told him to open the door to the spirit world. Out of curiosity, he took the key and opened the Red Door. Strange things happen immediately, the house shakes and Elise enters the spirit world. His mother who felt it immediately went down to check, but unfortunately the evil power killed her mother.

+  Horror scenes that take your breath away

After the dream, he was called by a man named Ted Garza who actually bought his childhood home. Then, Elise tells her story to her two "sidekicks", Specs and Tucker. They finally went to his old house to exorcise the ghost.

The tension is really present in this scene. A ghost appears and tells Elise to save a woman who she thought was a ghost. It turns out, this good ghost ordered Elise to help a living human who was locked up and chained by the owner of this new house. Eventually he manages to save the woman and the culprit dies when Specs hits Garza in the head with a cupboard.

Another very shocking scene is at the police station. Elise involved in this matter must conduct an interrogation with Detective Whitfield. There he tells that the problem of the spirit realm is his specialty. And What the F? A ghostly figure appeared beside the detective and the entire audience screamed. Damn, really shocking!

+  Very supportive sound effects

In addition, the sound effects for this film are also good. There are some parts that feel more spooky with the help of this sound effect. Another scene that shocked the entire audience when Elise found out about the truth behind the ghost who helped her. The ghost of the woman, Anna, turns out to be a victim who was killed by her father while being controlled by KeyFace. This key holding ghost consumes fear from people.

Elise got into the air duct where there was a suitcase containing Anna's skull and belongings. Apparently, Anna wasn't the only victim of Elise's father. There are several more suitcases arranged containing the victim's belongings. When opening the first suitcase, the sound that is presented is still fairly relaxed. Likewise with the second suitcase. By the time the third suitcase is opened, the music gets louder and a ghost appears dragging him into the spirit world. There he met little Elise while entering the spirit world and KeyFace.

+  Packed with fresh jokes

Even though it is a horror genre, this film also presents many jokes that can make you laugh. Tucker became a pioneer in this field, many of these comedies are filled by him. One of them was when he had Elise enter the air duct when he saw Anna's suitcase. Another scene that is embedded in comedy is when Tucker takes over Imegon's hypnosis job and forbids Specs from touching his hypnotic subjects.

Disadvantages of the movie Insidious Last Key

Every film has its own drawbacks. In our opinion, here are the shortcomings of the Insidious Last Key film:

– Boring final stage

After meeting with KeyFace, Elise's soul is imprisoned in the spirit world. Elise meets her niece whom KeyFace also brought with her. She also encounters her father's spirit and Elise is influenced by KeyFace to punish her father. Elise's other nephew, Imogen was also able to see the mystical thing. Finally he is willing to go to the spirit world by being hypnotized by Specs.

Behind that red door, Elise is fighting KeyFace. Elise had been pushed a few times, and KeyFace had kept her voice shut to keep it from coming out. Then, she blew her sister's whistle and her mother's spirit came. Actually, we think this is still relevant because her mother had promised to come no matter what. However, this key-holding ghost entity was defeated with just one hit with a lantern. And that makes them free from KeyFace.

After all, KeyFace's character in this film is similar to Valak. Perhaps this is because this film gets a touch from James Wan who directed Conjuring 2. In Conjuring 2, Valak becomes a demonic ghost entity that controls other ghosts to commit crimes, while KeyFace influences humans and spirits to get scared.

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