Wonder Woman 1984 Film Review: Not Just Disappointing

 Since two weeks ago, cinemas throughout Indonesia have been full of Gal Gadot fans . Because today the movie Wonder Woman 1984 is being shown. So for those of you who haven't watched it, Popculture.id will review the Wonder Woman 1984 film so you have a little idea.

Unfortunately today's review of Wonder Woman 1984 will be a little spicy. As a fanboy I feel very disappointed. Even more disappointed than you can imagine. There are many odd things and 'what the fuck' moments that made me shake my head and swear throughout this film. Had it not been out of curiosity, I might have gone outside the cinema in the 45th minute.

Story Plot

Film Wonder Woman 1984 is the sequel that actually do not taste the sequel of the first movie was released in 2017 ago. As the title suggests, Wonder Woman 1984 tells the life of Princess Diana in 1984. At that time Diana became a hero who helped the people of the city of DC who were in trouble. The princess also often takes over the duties of the police to eradicate crime.

The story continues on Diana's meeting with the two main villains in this film. They are Cheetah and Maxwell Lord. In this film, Diana does not act alone. He is helped by his dead ex-girlfriend, Steve Trevor. The conflict in this film is quite simple, namely the world is getting more chaotic because Maxwell Lord who grants all people's requests.

More Than Just Disappointing

When viewed from the plot, the movie Wonder Woman 1984 sounds interesting, right? But actually Wonder Woman 1984 is not really worth watching. Many things are disappointing. Starting from a bad script, monotonous cinematography and a background that is not optimal. I'm confused, how can a script and story as bad as this be accepted by a producer.

My disappointment is not without reason. Because the first Wonder Woman film was very, very good. The story is dense with a variety of actions and conflicts that make a dramatic streak at the end of the film. But Wonder Woman 1984 doesn't have that. One of the good things in this film is just the figure of Gal Gadot. How ironic.

Why Wonder Woman 1984 Is Ugly

What are the things that make this film bad? Ok, we will discuss them one by one. The first is about the plot and plot of the story. Unlike the previous film, this film has a long enough duration of 2 hours 30 minutes. Unfortunately the long duration is not maximized. Many plot holes and stories are wasted without any correlation. If anything, the story was hit and miss with the audience.

Wonder Woman 1984 is also pretty devastating for Steve Trevor's character. Steve, who is an American war hero, is the object of jokes in this film. It's not that you can't, it's just that Steve's character has his own inner bond with Wonder Woman fans.

In addition, Wonder Woman 1984 is also filled with a lot of filler. The scenes of Diana flying in the sky to the scene of Maxwell Lord that are repeated at the end of the film really make me tired myself. Moreover, the climax of this film is not a fight, but so wise words about honesty and the world as it is. Not interesting at all!

In addition, the film Wonder Woman 1984 did not succeed in representing the situation that occurred in 1984. There were no elements that stood out at all except the anti-nuclear demonstration. This setting can actually be explored further by highlighting fashion, pop culture and a deeper political situation.

There are also many things that are not clear and require further explanation. Imagine, with a duration of 2 hours and a half there are still many things that are not finished. Like Barbara's transformation into a Cheetah and the power she gains. Apart from that the fight scene between Cheetah and Wonder Woman is quite a treat, even though it ends with a ridiculous and ridiculous ending.

For those of you who want to watch this film, first make sure you are ready to accept anything. Don't expect too much because this film is only special because of Gal Gadot's charm.

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