The Devil All The Time Movie Review: A Rich and Flowing Story

 The coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed the film industry. Many festival films and blockbuster films have been delayed due to the spread of this dangerous virus. However, some studios, such as Netflix, ventured to release their films. One of the Netflix films that will review is The Devil All The Time .

Film The Devil All The Time is the psychological genre movie directed by Antonio Campos. This film is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Donald Ray Pollock who is the narrator in this film. So, instead of lingering, let's go straight to the review of The Devil All The Time below!

Story Plot

The Devil All Time is a film that tells the story of several individuals in the state of West Virginia, America who happen to have an attachment to each other. This film is presented in a narrative manner with a back and forth plot.

The story begins with the character Williard Russel who has a post-World War II trauma after he saw his own friend being crucified by the Japanese army. He returned home with a whole body, even though his soul was fragile. Long story short he married and had a family and children.

Unlike the title, from the start, this film tells a portrait of a suburban American society who strongly believes in Christianity and blindly believes what the priest says. In fact, this film clearly shows people who are religiously drunk so they are willing to do bad things to their fellow human beings.

The advantages of The Devil All The Time

For those of you who like mystery films and serial killers , then you shouldn't miss this film. There are many cool things in this film. One of them is the story details and suspense that can always make you nervous.

This message beautifully creates conflict after conflict that is subtle but is able to make the audience widen. All stories are related and produce a very touching ending. This film doesn't try to be pretentious or hide meaning, all the stories are very clear and easy to digest.

Characters and Actors

Besides being easy to digest and presenting unusual conflicts, the film The Devil All The Time is also filled with star actors. The film stars Robert Pattinson, Bill Skarsgard, Sebastian Stan and Spider-Man actor Tom Holland.

In my opinion, all the actors who star in this film are so total. All the actors played well without any one standing out. The film is also very important for blockbuster actor Tom Holland and Twilight Saga superstar Robert Pattinson. The reason is for these two people there is a character that has stuck.

I think this film is one of Robert Pattinson's cool performances as 'the bad guy' after Waiting For Barbarians. In addition, The Devil All The Time is also a starting point for Tom Holland's career to get out of the figure of Peter Parker.


Film The Devil All The Time is a film that shows the worst side of human beings. This film also shows how religion can become the opium of a society. We can learn many things from this film. One of the meanings of this film is that religion should be a good thing if it is used properly but can be a bad thing if it is perverted.

Apart from that, The Devil All The Time managed to reconstruct the life of the American suburban society who are fanatical about religion. In addition, this film also shows how the law should not move and work in remote places in America. Murder is very likely to happen to anyone and at any time.

Finally, The Devil All The Time is a successful film presenting a story full of mystery, bloody but not excessive. The story is easy to digest with a beautiful storytelling

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