The Cured Review: Fresh and full of satire

 With The Walking Dead, iZombie and Resident Evil still popular , it's no wonder that many of us were quite skeptical when we heard about the release of The Cured film. Specifically, we immediately mumbled "Ah, at least it's going to be like most Zombie films with stories". But when I finally saw the film directed by David Freyne ( The Man in 301 ), this feeling of skepticism turned into a very wide smile.

The Cured tells the story of the spread of a virus called the Maze Virus . Well, this virus causes sufferers to become zombies. Almost the entire population in Europe is infected with this virus. Luckily a cure was found. As a result, after being treated from a ratio of 100%, 75% of the population recovered and returned to their former human form.

While 25% are immune (not effective) with the drug given. And they are quarantined. Now, the 75% who have recovered now have to face the next tough challenge: Convincing the surrounding community that they have fully recovered, aka, will not become zombies again. And one of those struggling is a young man named Senan Browne (Sam Keeley).

But in the midst of him having to adapt again to the surrounding community and his sister-in-law, Abbie (Ellen Page) and his son Cillian, Senan also has to face his best friend who has also recovered but is brutal, Conor (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor) who has big dangerous plans that could mess up the whole world again.

What plan is that? And did Senan manage to re-mingle with social life as before?

Super Fresh Plot And Full of Social Satire

How about after reading the plot geeks ? Feels different and really fresh right? And the concept of the story is what makes The Cured a really fun film to watch from beginning to end. Apart from that, most importantly, the plot of this film feels like satirizing social issues (SARA) which until now still often occurs in various parts of the world.

If examined carefully, the representations of zombies that have recovered but are still doubted / ostracized by the surrounding community are shown, just as they had previously suffered from a serious illness and had recovered, but were still ostracized / humiliated.

Or further, this also feels like the struggle of Latino immigrants in the US who as we know are still struggling (even rebellious) to be treated the same as other US citizens. This real-life injection is what once again makes The Cured very different from most zombie films or series.

Keeley, Hollywood's Next Big Irish Star

Of course, the freshness and uniqueness of this story is fully supported by the total super performance of the entire cast , especially Keeley and Lawlor. Both of them have succeeded in reviving the conflict of principles that are contrary to a very great degree. As a result, those of us who witness will also support both of them even though we know that one is good and one is evil.

But if you compare the two again, then Keeley is the one who shines. He succeeded in reviving Senan's sense of isolation. Those of us who may have been bullied will immediately be able to feel what they have experienced. His acting prowess inevitably makes him the next big Irish actor.

As for Pages? Well , what are the complaints here? Since making his acting debut in the FTV Pit Pony (1997), it can be said "Page can't do no wrong" . And the same can be said again for her brilliant performance as Abbie in this film.

Lost Direction in the Second Half

It's a shame that all the cool aspects already mentioned, are a bit tainted by a few wrong decisions that could have been avoided. The first concerns the final fate that Conor accepts.

Without the intention of spoilers , when we saw it, we immediately mumbled "Oh, so what happened to him?" If this is indeed done so that it will be revealed in the sequel, okay. So this decision is right. But if there are no plans for a sequel, this decision is very strange and wrong.

Apart from that, another major problem here is that towards the second half, the film lost its direction ( lost focus/direction ). At the beginning, it was explained that the focus of this film is on the struggle of Senan and those who have recovered, aka "The Cured" to be accepted again in society.

But entering round 2 and so on, this film shifts its focus to being like most zombie survival films . Although it still maintains the main premise, the deflection of the plot's focus actually makes this film a little damaged.

Fresh and Delicious Food for Zombie Fans

Apart from these problems, The Cured is undeniably a fresh, new and "delicious" dish for those of us who are fans of zombie stories. The premise is unique, the acting is gokil and the cinematography that is displayed is cool and chilling .

But at the same time, for those of you who prefer “ gore-zombie ” films , you may be disappointed. Because The Cured can be said to be very minimal showing blood and flesh splattered.

But then again, if you're the type who's bored until your brain wants to come out with most zombie stories nowadays, then The Cured is a must watch for all of you. Hopefully, after The Cured, in the future there will be many more filmmakers like Freyne who want to produce an unusual zombie story ( out of the box ) Amen.

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