The Conjuring Review: The Devil Made Me Do It, More Dramatic But Less Scary

 Before starting, take it easy guys . This review of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It does not contain any spoilers . So yes, it's safe, boss!

Since knowing the basic plot of the third Conjuring film, I immediately felt unbelievably excited . Because this film is based on the true story of one of the murders that shocked the United States in the early 80s.

Specifically, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do it , focuses on the murder committed by Arne Cheyenne Johnson against his employer, Alan Bono. Now what made this murder case a scene was Bono's confession, who at that time admitted that he did it because “the devil made him / ordered him to do it.

In short, after initially the court and some people did not believe, finally the legendary demonological couple, Ed & Lorraine Warren stepped in to help. And sure enough. As a result, Arne, who initially received a life sentence, only served a sentence of 5 years.

Showcasing Some Unexposed Aspects

Well the inspiration base is displayed all-out in this film. But of course, it is added with aspects that were not previously disclosed. Like the actions of the two Warren partners to help solve this case.

Then there are also small aspects, such as how Arne (Ruairi O' Connor) got his start and background to carry out his sadistic murder, and even the health problems experienced by Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) which became the cool supporting plot for the film.

But regardless, how about the whole thing? Is The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It , as cool as its previous two main films?

Lots of Drama, Spooky Down

Yes, as you read through the review title of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It , it's cooler or not depending on your own typical audience. I mean, what was your motivation to watch this film?

Do you want the spooky or dramatic plot? If you want to get a dramatic plot, congratulations, you will be very satisfied. Because even if there are slight modifications (very few), you will be satisfied with the story behind the top murder case.

Then you will also be satisfied with the sub-plot which tells further the story of the early relationship of Ed & Lorraine. And also as previously explained, the film is also successful in bringing Ed's health problems into the overall story. Alias, don't just pass or force it.

But if you prefer the horror aspect, you might not be satisfied. But again remember, horror is just like comedy. Or in other words, subjective. So you might think The Conjuring 3 is just as scary as the two previous films.

But for me, even though there are some good jump scare moments , overall, this film is not that scary. Even The Nun (2018) and The Curse of La Llorona (2019) which also have the same director, Michael Chaves, are still far more heart-wrenching.

Very ironic and funny. In the past for me , The Curse of La Llorona won in the spooky aspect but the plot, MEH! But when Chaves tackled The Devil Made Me Do It , it's actually the opposite now. Life is really funny and really rollercoaster , guys !

Saved By Brilliant Performance

Well, fortunately, the aspect of this deficiency was saved by the brilliant performance of all the actors.

Especially of course the duo Wilson and Farmiga. Both as Ed & Lorraine are choices that are not wrong at all from the start. Even for the appearance of these three, both of them already look very comfortable.

Anyway, it just looks easier. And for the individual appearance of each is also equally strong. So yep, it looks like we don't have to spend too much time assessing the performance of the two.

Better let's just assess the newcomer actors. And overall, everything is cool too. Especially O' Connor as his Johnson. Playing a real person who kills because he is in a trance, of course, is not easy. And also acting suddenly aware and regret is also not easy.

But the cool thing is that O' Connor has succeeded in performing the acting. Even those of us who witnessed it became sad and horrified ourselves with it. Seeing this appearance, let's just pray that O' Connor will appear in other big film projects in the future.

Better Watch Through HBO Max Only

So the conclusion of the review of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It , if you are a fanboy of this franchise, please watch it on the big screen (but REMEMBER to keep implementing health protocols!).

But if you're more of a normal person, who wants to catch up with the spooky ones, you should just stream it via HBO Max. But yeah, it really depends on you. If you feel that it's cheaper to go to the cinema than a short subscription to HBO, then you don't want to go to the cinema. Adjust it to your sikon, guys !

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