The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Review: A Much More Brave and Realistic Spider-Man

 Even though it's been technically 5 years since the release of Spider-Man 3 (2007) , in fact, the audience and fanboy feelings of “traumatic” towards the closing film for the Sam Raimi trilogy are still very much felt.

So when they found out that Sony and Marvel would be making another new Spider-Man movie with a new Spidey actor, it's no wonder fans were very nervous. Of course, they don't want to experience the double trauma of a film featuring Andrew Garfield ( The Social Network ) as this new Spidey.

Well, if you still remember, when The Amazing Spider-Man was finally released in July 2012, the reaction that this film received was very mixed. Some like it, but some get the double trauma.

But what about now? Is the Spider-Man film directed by Marc Webb ( 500 Days of Summer ) really more traumatic or does it treat the traumatic feeling of Spider-Man 3 ? Let's just look at the following review of The Amazing Spider-Man .

Review The Amazing Spider-Man

Well , let's just answer the question. Basically, after watching this film again, I feel that this film is not a perfect Spider-Man film, let alone amazing . But at least, the film is still very entertaining.

Apart from the performance of the first-class actors, one thing I like about The Amazing Spider-Man is that this film and its sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014), take a much more realistic or grounded direction route .

Okay, okay, maybe most of you don't like directions like this. Or in other words, prefer a more fun and colorful comic like the Raimi trilogy or the MCU trilogy. And yes I understand why with this difference in taste.

The reason is also, superhero films that are more grounded are often hit & miss (depending on the superhero figure too). But for me, I like the realistic grounded binti direction shown by The Amazing Spider-Man . After all, overall this film is still very entertaining.

Different Universe, Different Everything

If after reading the reasons in the paragraph above, some of you still don't agree or don't like this film, that's okay. After all, we all have different tastes, right?

But please, the reason for the dislike is purely because of that taste. Don't let the reason be like this: "Ah, it's bad, because it's very different from the appearance of Tobey's Spider-Man trilogy" . Because yes, it's clear that this Spidey Garfield film is a different earth/universe .

So in other words, the universe is different , so everything is different. That's why, although this film returns to show the basic plot of Peter Parker's origin (Garfield) into Spider-Man and, returns to show the plot of the death of Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) as in the comics and Spider-Man film (2002), it still looks and feels different. .

Garfield Is The Refreshing Peter

Still connecting points from different universes , everything was different before. Apart from the feel and appearance of the repetition of the plot, we can see the same familiar yet different aspect through Garfield's figure as Peter/Spider-Man.

This American-British mulatto actor basically plays a character whose real name and alter-ego are the same as those played by Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland. But once again, because this film is set on Earth Amazing , then Garfield's Peter Parker also has significant differences in characteristics.

Yes, it's true that broadly speaking, some of Peter's characteristics, such as being nerdy , having a hobby of photography, and being a little awkward , are still present in Garfield's Peter. But what makes the difference for this version is that he becomes a much more daring figure.

Specifically, he dared to fight back or oppose individuals who often bully him like Flash Thompson (Chris Zylka) even when he was in conflict with Uncle Ben in this film, he dared to argue with the figure who raised him from childhood.

Oh yes, one more thing, when he invites an argument about the presence of Spider-Man in New York with his lover's father, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), George Stacy (Denis Leary). Their argument succeeded in creating one of the most uncomfortable dinner scenes in the history of cinema.

All of these aspects make me really like and care about the Peter Parker version of this film. And of course one more thing, making his figure very relatable to us.

Very Romantic Stone-Garfield Chemistry

In addition to characterizing as well as Andrew's cool and fresh performance as Spider-Man. Another cool aspect that this film shows is the chemistry between Garfield and Stone as Peter & Gwen.

Both to me look much more realistic, relatable , and also much more romantic. Indeed , the chemistry between Maguire and Kristen Dunst as Peter and Mary Jane in Sam Raimi 's Spider-Man trilogy , is also very good.

But we need to remember, that unlike Maguire and Dunst, Garfield and Stone during the making of the film were already dating. So that their real-world romantic chemistry is what they combine and match into the chemistry of Peter and Gwen.

As a result, because of this, we who witnessed it also felt the realistic chemistry that the two of them displayed in this film. And Stone herself as Gwen Stacy, hmm, that's great. It's just for some reason for me, I still see it halfway.

Specifically 50% Stacy and 50% Stone. Or in other words, not 100% like Dunst's transformation as Mary Jane used to be. However, for me, I really like and agree if Peter is with Gwen than with MJ.

Regardless of her interests, hobbies, and mutual support, Gwen looks and feels much more understanding and fits perfectly with Peter.

Lizard's Confusing Motivation

Now that we have discussed the positive aspects of the film, let's now discuss the negative aspects of The Amazing Spider-Man . For me, it's not really that much. There's only one thing that really bothers me.

Yes, as you read from the sub-heading of this discussion, the disturbing thing is related to the motivation of the main villain , Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans). I'll be honest, so what's the motivation of this mentor and friend of Peter's father?

Okay, first we were told that his goal was to develop cross-species gene cross-experiments because he was "pursuing deposits". Specifically, the results of the experiment, if it is successfully applied to humans, will be used to heal the dying OsCorp boss, Norman Osborn.

But after that he was shown trying the results of the experiment himself because almost one of his hands was cut off. Now when he injected and regrows his arm, slowly but surely he became the iconic Spider-Man villain , Lizard.

Then after becoming a Lizard, he has a new motivation or plan: Wants to make all New Yorkers "cured" and free from various physical disorders or diseases. Yes, just like him. As a result, he took the initiative to spread through the air the green serum that regenerated his arm.

One Motivation Is Enough

Now seeing the lack of clarity of motivation, as a result, it makes us really confused and doesn't care about the villain who in the hit comics and animated series of the 90s is actually one of the most sympathetic characters.

If only he had only one motivation, surely the Lizard figure in this film would be much cooler and we also care about him like in his 90s comics or animated series. As a result, because of all of this, in the end, Lizard's selection as the main villain became unclear and very pushy.

Fortunately, Ifans showed a cool and maximum performance. If it weren't for the actor who also played Xenophilius Lovegood in the Harry Potter franchise , I guarantee the Lizard in this film would be even more destroyed.

Not Perfect But Still Fun

But fortunately, through this review of The Amazing Spider-Man , I can say that these shortcomings have been successfully covered by presenting the plot and characters which are quite fresh. Indeed , The Amazing Spider-Man is essentially a reboot of Raimi's Spider-Man , but Webb has managed to make this reboot the best it can be.

Even if the maximum effort is still not perfect, please understand. Apart from the fact that Raimi's trilogy is still much more fun , Webb is also not a superhero film director . But regardless, of course we have to give a round of applause for his efforts in this film.

After all, once again, The Amazing Spider-Man is still fun and enjoyable for us to watch. Moreover, with the realistic concept of grounded binti that is carried, no doubt it makes us more enjoy watching this film.

That was the review of The Amazing Spider-Man . Now I want to know, are you one of those who like or don't really like this Spider-Man reboot ?

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