Spider-Man Review: No Way Home (2021): The Perfect End To The MCU Spidey Trilogy

 This Spider-Man: No Way Home review contains no SPOILERS!

Finally, the film, which is probably the most anticipated of all the 2021 releases, has arrived. YES!

And it's undeniable that since the beginning of December 2021 yesterday the release date was announced, all moviegoers in this world (whether they be fanboys or just ordinary) are really impatient.

Especially the Indonesian audience and fanboys . “REALLY AWESOME!” This is evidenced by the number of pre-order tickets for the third MCU Spider-Man film from almost 1-2 weeks earlier. Even so vicious, as we know, some time ago there was a horrendous case.

Yes, especially if it's not the case of the overload & error of the Tix-id site ? Specifically, those who may not know yet, because many have ordered Spider-Man: No Way Home H-1 tickets before the game date, December 15, 2021, many are "stuck" with the tickets.

As a result, like it or not, Tix-id had to refund a number of audiences whose tickets could not be redeemed. This is very unfortunate indeed. But at the same time, it also shows that the Spider-Man: No Way Home hype is no joke.

And I am very sure, some of you must have been "victims" of the ferocity of this third film directed by Jon Watts. So, is the quality of Spider-Man: No Way Home really as crazy as the hype and the crowd?

Just take a look at the following Spider-Man: No Way Home review .

Will only discuss what is in the trailer

So, before going into the review of Spider-Man: No Way Home , I want to remind you of one important thing. Considering when writing this review , it's only been about 4-5 days after the release of the film, so I'm sure there are still many who haven't seen the film.

Therefore, this entire review of Spider-Man: No Way Home will more or less only discuss the quality of the film, the quality of acting, and also discuss what has appeared in the trailer . So it's very safe.

And I REALLY beg those of you who have watched it, PLEASE DON'T BE SELF AND GROW EMPATHY to those who haven't watched it okay?

MCU Spidey Trilogy Best Movies

Okay, let's jump right into this Spider-Man: No Way Home review with the overall response to the film. Well , I can say that what those who have seen it say are absolutely true (whether it's a layman or a fanboy ).

This is the best Spider-Man movie in the MCU Spidey trilogy. Or let's just call it, "Home Trilogy" . Anyway, this movie is really cool. Everything we expect appears here. And for those of you who are fanboys of the comics, you will still be very satisfied. Let's just say this is Spidey from the MCU universe / earth so you don't need to compare it to the comics too much.

Whether it's plot, acting, visuals, surprises, everything is complete here. So yes, if you were a little disappointed yesterday with the previous 2 films, you will be very satisfied with this film.

Still Not The Best Spider-Man Movie Of All Time

But even though Spider-Man: No Way Home is the best film of all the Home Trilogy films , unfortunately for me, it's still not the best live-action Spider-Man film of all time. Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 (2004) is still the best so far.

Why is that? Because the weight of the emotional conflict shown in this film is still not as powerful as the one in the sequel to Spider-Man (2002). In this sequel, we are also swept away when we see Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) feeling very indecisive whether he wants to continue living his double life or not at all.

And when we decide to stop being Spidey, we see a much bigger impact that is very significant. Now, it is the highlighting of this inner conflict that makes this film, and the first film, still considered the best film to this day.

Indeed, once again, Spider-Man: No Way Home has moments like that. But still not as powerful as in Spider-Man 2 .

But that's okay. Because if ranked in the list of the 8 best live-action Spider-Man films so far, No Way Home still occupies the third position. Not a bad rating right?

Very Neat Story and Character Arrangement

Another cool factor of Spider-Man: No Way Home is the very neat arrangement of the story and characters. Honestly, even though Watts and his team have succeeded in removing the trauma from Spider-Man 3 (2007) with the previous 2 films, the trauma reappeared a little when watching the trailer for No Way Home .

But unlike the trauma with Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) which technically also features a lot of villains , at least the trauma that is feared for this closing film is not too big. Because we can still make sense of the presence of many Spidey classic villains in this film.

Specifically, because the plot concept is a multiverse , it is only natural that there are 5 villains appearing in this film. What we are actually a little worried about is the way Watts and the scriptwriter duo, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers neatly organize the story and all of the characters.

Well , I can say that they all, like us, know this anxiety. And because of this high awareness, as a result, the arrangement of the five villains is neatly arranged. Anyway, nothing is stuffed or forced.

Yes, indeed there are those who get a bigger portion even in the end, becoming the main villain of the film. But still the average other villain , getting a very fitting portion.

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