Review There's Someone Inside Your House (2021): James Wan Really Needs To Rest

 We can say 2021 is the year of the top director, James Wan . How come? Unlike in previous years, 2021 is the busiest year. Whether it's to become a director ( Malignant ) and a producer like in this film, we will continue to see Wan's name throughout this year.

But while we are all happy to see this, at the same time we are also a little disappointed. The reason is, the five film projects that he handled in 2021, look and feel less consistent.

More specifically, there are cool films like Spiral , decent like Mortal Kombat , and disappointing ones like Malignant . However, every time we see his name in the film project, we will automatically watch the film.

This includes the film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Stephanie Perkins. Then will James Wan's last release in 2021 be the closing release of a thunderous year? Come on, just take a look at the following review of There's Someone Inside Your House .

Just Moved, Jump Horror

Unlike Malignant, which is a supernatural horror genre or even body horror , There's Someone Inside Your House is actually a teen slasher horror genre based on the 90s hit film Scream (1996).

The film tells the story of a transfer high school student from Hawaii, Makani Young (Sydney Parker). Immediately moved, he immediately had his own gang of friends. And his gang friends, have unique and different personalities.

Now from this explanation, it can be seen that Makani's move from his hometown went very smoothly and pleasantly. But slowly but surely, this new, calm and pleasant life turned into a terrifying terror.

The reason is that he had just moved for a few days, suddenly in his new environment, a sadistic murder took place. And his murder occurred against his fellow high school students. However, Makani and his gang try to calm down and go about their lives as normal.

But when the killer kills one of their gang mates, now they must be vigilant and most importantly, find out the identity of this killer. But of course their intention to reveal the true identity of the sadistic killer, is not easy.

Besides being very agile, the killer also wore an anonymous hoodie and an anonymous mask that made it difficult for Makani cs to identify him. Then, who is the real killer who terrorized Makani, his friends and all the people in his new neighborhood?

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So if we read the plot review of There's Someone Inside Your House , it looks and feels like the films of the 90s and 2000s.

Specifically, this film is like the Scream franchise, the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise, the Urban Legend franchise , and other slasher horror films / franchises . And that's exactly what this Netflix horror film is all about.

So if you are a fan of films like that, chances are you will like this film. However, it is also possible that you will be disappointed. Okay, indeed the look, feel , and even the motives of the masked killer follow today's social life.

But overall, this film does not show other fresh aspects . Anyway , apart from the motives and contemporary feel , this film is not much different from Scream cs.

Fresh Motives and Likeable Cast

As you read in the previous paragraph, the motive of the masked killer is very closely related to today's social life. And it's undeniable that this fresh and contemporary motif is what makes the film still watchable .

Anyway, the freshness of this motive makes us slightly support the killer in carrying out his sadistic actions. ALTHOUGH whatever the motive, the act of taking one's life away is totally unacceptable.

This aspect is further strengthened by the ranks of the actors ( cast ) who are very likeable . Especially, Parker as Makani. As the main character, Parker makes us care and concern ourselves especially, about Makani's bad past before finally moving.

Honestly if not for these 2 aspects, this film would be more ordinary and boring. Because yes, to be honest, the story in similar slasher films is still much more interesting than what is presented in this film.

James Wan should rest first

Based on all these assessments, we too can provide the core conclusions of this There's Someone Inside Your House review .

And the point is this film does not provide a very significant distinction or freshness. Anyway, this film is not much different from other similar slasher films . Fortunately, the look, feel , and motifs are very contemporary, successfully saving a little of the film.

But for those of us who are big fans of these types of teen slasher horror , maybe you will still enjoy it . What is clear is that through this review of There's Someone Inside Your House , it is very evident that James Wan must take a break first.

If he wants to be a producer, executive producer, scriptwriter, let alone a director, just stop everything first. This is considering the last few releases that have not been so kicking. The hope is of course, by resting for a while, he can return with a fresher condition .

So, his film projects are back as cool as before. But yeah , I don't think that's possible. Because if we look at his Wikipedia page , in 2022 alone, he already has 2 projects, one of which is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom .

Not to mention the awaited Insidious 5 project (tentative title). So, let's just hope that even though we may continue to "step on the gas", Wan's future works will gradually improve again.

For those of you who want to watch There's Someone Inside Your House , you can already watch it legally via Netflix , October 6, 2021 local time.

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