Review of The Incredibles 2: Parr Family Still Super & Fantastic

 It can be said that the term “Long Gap” does not apply to the Pixar dictionary. As has been proven by Toy Story 3 (2010) , Monsters University (2013) and of course, Finding Dory (2016), the sequels which were released after 5 years of the original film, proved to be still able to maintain very good quality which as a result, make the audience not feel tired of the long pause. And the sequel to The Incredibles (2004), The Incredibles 2 , has yet again succeeded in proving that claim.

Yep, that's right, geeks . The sequel, which is directed by Brad Bird again and takes place right after the ending of the first film (yes, the film opens with a battle between the Parr VS The Underminer family), really makes our 14 years of waiting really pay off very sweetly.

Still Cool, Fun, Funny and Not Childish

And one of the main factors that makes this sequel still ridiculous, is that all the action scenes, dramas, well , basically everything still looks as exciting, cool and colorful as when watching the first film. Yep, once again, even the dramatic scenes don't make us bored and want to go back to watching the action scenes. In fact, if you want to compare it, it is the dramatic scene that becomes the "screen stealer ".

Neither the ideological conflict between Mr. Incredibles (Craig T. Nelson) with his wife, Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) related to the " Super Relocation" program which makes them again have to "retire" while being superheroes, a slight gap between Incredibles and Elastigirl regarding the wife who is preferred to promote the elimination of the program that, until the whole family finally sees Jack-Jack's (Eli Fucile) superpowers for the first time, all of which are presented very clearly, to the point , entertaining, and not childish.

Yep. Not childish. You could say this factor has always been a plus for The Incredibles series and all Pixar films. Indeed, this film is targeted mostly at children and pre-teens automatically, the language of the script must be really easy to understand. However, that does not mean that the accompanying adult audience also feels childish.

In fact, when we watched the film, it was the small audience who immediately "checked out" when they saw the dramatic scenes. Because the problem shown in this film contains various kinds of metaphors as well as contemporary social moral messages that are really only understood by those who are adults.

All Characters That Are Still Funny & Gokil

Another factor here, too, is the characters who are still funny, gokil and steal the attention. Anyway, for those of us who have watched the first film, we feel like we are reunited with close friends/family we haven't seen in a long time.

And one more aspect regarding the characters that this sequel still maintains, is that none of the characters seem to really dominate. Indeed, Elastigirl in this sequel is the main highlight. But Mr. The Incredibles, Violet (Sarah Vowell), Dash (Huck Milner) and even once again, Jack-Jack, also get an equally fair share.

Oh yes, speaking of Jack-Jack, you could say this super baby is the second character who shines after Elastigirl in this film. He really looks cute, innocent, adorable but still badass at the same time. Anyway, after seeing his figure, of course, those of us who already have babies, immediately want to pinch our children excitedly.

The Screen Slaver Motif is Weak and Very Generic

Unfortunately like its first film, The Incredibles 2 , it wasn't a completely perfect film. And again, the weakness lies in the villain department . If Syndrome (Jason Lee) was weak in the past, it was in the way he lost, then the weakness in Screen Slaver (Bill Wise) is in his motives and identity disclosure.

For the motive, it can be said that it is very generic and does not make us feel empathy and understanding towards him. This, of course, is very different from the previous Syndrome, whose motives are very relatable to all of us.

As for revealing who is behind this Screen Slaver mask, basically what we can say is, when you meet two of the many new characters in this film nearing Act 2, you can already guess that they are one of them and their reveal, only with a "reversal of logic" " just.

Beware of Potential Epilepsy When Watching the Movie!

Yep, that's right, geeks . As the name suggests, Screen Slaver, it's certain, this villain makes a lot of use of the monitor screen display which is really dazzling. Even in the scene where Elastigirl was fighting with herself, the screen display was truly dazzling. After watching it, we just got a little dizzy (yes, maybe it's because we sat in row D).

Therefore, we suggest for those of you who may have a little epilepsy or are easy to "vomit" with a glare, slightly lower your head or better to just skip watching the scene. Even some cinema chains in the US have issued warning circulars regarding this matter. So yeah, watch yourself geeks!

But apart from this and a few other shortcomings, overall , The Incredibles 2 , is a must watch for those of you who are animation fans and of course fans of the first film. Even if you haven't seen the first film, we think you'll still like it even though, you have to watch the first film before watching the sequel.

Seeing the success of this sequel, then yep, it seems we will be very ready and more than hype to watch Toy Story 4 which will be released on June 21, 2019. Although not necessarily, but it can be guaranteed that the fourth adventure of Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) will be very successful. Because yes, as stated earlier, long time gaps are not a problem at all for Hollywood's biggest animation studio.

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