Resident Evil Review: Welcome to Raccoon City, Similar to Game But Forced

 Regardless, some of us like the Resident Evil action- zombie game adaptation featuring Milla Jovovich as the main character, Alice. Still in general, the film series is not liked by its game fans .

The reason is that the 6 RE Jovovich films do not adapt the story in the game . This film only takes the game elements . Therefore, it is not surprising that when they learned about this adaptation reboot , many fanboys were immediately hyped up.

The hype is getting more and more ridiculous when watching the trailer . The reason is, the movie trailer displays the exact same set and character appearance as in the game . There are dog zombies, bald zombies, lickers , and even Lisa Trevor (Marina Mazepa).

Oh yes, one more thing, as we have seen from the trailer or the articles discussed, this film is basically an adaptation of the first 3 games . With all these facts, then is the reboot that has followed the RE game really as expected?

Similar Game But Still Disappointing

Well without further ado, unfortunately Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City , is still a disappointing end result. Yes, it's a pity, isn't it? All these positive hopes were immediately shattered after watching the film.

Okay, as said at the beginning of this Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City review , one thing we can respect from the film. Specifically, at least this film has tried really hard to be similar to the game both in appearance and plot.

But unfortunately at the same time, it is precisely the plot that becomes a double-edged sword for this film. That is, because the director and scriptwriter, Johannes Roberts ( 47 Meters Down ) wants to stack the 3 game plots into one, so in the end everything looks rushed and a bit messy.

First Half Okay, Final Round Messy

Now this mess and inconsistency can be seen in the tension in the film. In the first act ( 1 st act ), the film puts forward elements of a suspense thriller .

As a result, the spotlight on Racoon City Orphanage which is the home of Chris and little Claire Redfield (Daxton Gray Gurjal & Lauren Bill) also looks tense. Even when the figure of Lisa Trevor is highlighted for the first time, it successfully makes us shudder gokil.

The point is that both past and present storytelling are still okay. Even when watching an adult Claire (Kaya Scodelario) return to RacCoon City, which clearly adapted the opening scene similar to the remake of Resident Evil 2 (2019), everything was still really good.

However, towards the finale, this film immediately swerved to tell the story of the Raccoon city that would be destroyed. And of course all the characters in this film should come out soon. Well , because of this, things look pretty messy.

Should Adapt 1-2 Games Only

Yes, we really love that. In fact, all of this can really be avoided. Specifically, if the film only adapted 1 or 2 games , the end result would be much tastier and more effective.

Or, yes 1 game only. So to be honest, I was really confused from the start when I found out that this film will tell and unify the plots of the 3 films. Will it be handled well?

Because as we know the story in each of the first 3 games , it must take hours to tell it really clearly and completely. That's it, still need more sequels right?

Okay maybe we can say technically the events in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis are only 2-3 days apart in the same location.

But again, the plots of the two are still separate, aren't they? Can you imagine the plot of the two games being forced into one game ? Of course, Jill's plot to escape from Raccoon City by facing her Nemesis here and there will not be satisfying.

Likewise, what will happen to the plots of Claire and Leon in RE 2. The games are separated separately. So why did Roberts decide to combine all three at once?

Very Minimal and Inappropriate Duration

Already adapting 3 long plots at once, the duration is minimal. Wow how is this boss? As I said in the previous 1-2 game adaptation paragraph , 1 game alone takes more than 2 hours to explain all the plots.

Well, the duration of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, launched from the Wikipedia page of this film, is 107 minutes. 107 MINUTES! 2 hours did not arrive. So how about once again with this short duration, the film wants to complete its 3 plots really satisfactorily?

With what the film has done, we end up not seeing some of the deep character and story development we see in each of the three games .

Even the favorite female character of all male fans , who has also been announced to appear in this film, does not appear in the main plot. He is present, but only appears in the mid-credits scene .

Of course, you know who the character is if you claim to have played or even a fanboy of the RE game. Yep, that's right, Ada Wong (Lily Gao). He just appeared in the mid-credits scene and has a pretty imaginative scene with Albert Wesker (Tom Hopper).

So yep, don't expect us to see a re-creation of whatever scene happened between Ada and Leon. Yes I know. Very disappointing isn't it?

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