Raya And The Last Dragon Film Review: Successfully Delivering a Message

 Today Disney fans in Indonesia are highlighting a new princess character from Southeast Asia named Raya. With the concept of Southeast Asian culture, many viewers as well as critics gave positive values ​​in the review of the film Raya and the Last Dragon, which has been airing since March 3, 2021.

After being disappointed with Mulan , had the opportunity to watch it and was happy to write a review of the film Raya and the Last Dragon . Honestly, the film Raya and the Last Dragon is so solid and very entertaining for the audience. This film features a variety of elements executed to perfection; visuals, fight scenes to the comedy treats.


Raya and the Last Dragon is a film that tells about the legend of a dragon that has disappeared from the face of the earth for 500 years. Humans lost their dragons after an evil creature named Drunn attacked and turned humans and dragons into piles of stone. But human life was saved by the last legendary dragon named Sisu who bequeathed a dragon jewel to humans.

500 years after the incident, humans separated from each other and made the land of the dragon which was formerly known as Kumandra separated and created 5 new countries, namely; Heart, Fang, Talon, Spine and Tail. The five regions fought each other to get the magic gem. Our main character, Raya is a princess and the guardian of the gem.

The incident began when Father Raya who aspired to reunite the land of Kumandra invited 5 state representatives to gather. Betrayal occurs and ends with the gem breaking into 5 pieces. The splitting of the dragon's magic makes Drunn's seal broken and again repeats the events 500 years ago, humans are turned to stone again. In the midst of this destruction, Raya travels to 5 countries in hopes of meeting the last dragon Sisu and once again saving the world from the threat of Drunn.

Detailed Visuals, Entertaining Story and Spectacular Comedy

Raya and the Last Dragon is a solid and very entertaining film. After the last disappointment with the live-action film Mulan , many viewers were satisfied with this film. Carrying the theme of Southeast Asia, Raya and the Last Dragon managed to stir local references including from Indonesia; Culture, culinary, buildings and geographical landscapes although there are some things that are adapted for the sake of the diversity of stories.

Raya and the Last Dragon also presents beautiful visuals with super detailed animations. Without a doubt, Disney wants to impress the audience, especially the people of Southeast Asia and are proud to be a part of the Disney universe. In addition to visuals, the story also feels flowing thanks to the neat scriptwriting. So exciting, the duration of 1 hour 40 feels less.

There are two interesting things in the film Raya and the Last Dragon . First, the fight scene that uses Southeast Asian native martial arts. We can see Namaari figures who use muay thai techniques from Thailand and Raya who uses pencak silat from Indonesia. We can also see that Raya's weapon looks like a dagger if we look at its shape.

Apart from that, another spectacular thing about this film is the comedy element. The interaction between Raya and Sisu, as the two main characters with the supporting characters, was very warm and funny. Awkwafina succeeded in playing the character of Sisu, a water dragon who is not only powerful but has a great sense of humor. Apart from the dialogue, the behavior of the baby and the three monkeys as well as captain Boun and Tuk Tuk are no less interesting. The comedy element in this film is also presented in a variety of unique ways aimed at making the audience laugh out loud.

Strong Message About 'Trust' Well Sent

It's not Disney if they don't convey a positive message in their animated films. If in the film Mulan they raised the theme of feminism and honor, then in Raya and the Last Dragon we were presented with the theme; trust or trust.

Yup. Basically this film is about betrayal where humans no longer trust each other. This happens in our social life these days. Society is very easily divided and pitted against each other because of a lack of trust in one another.

Throughout the film, the audience is exposed to various incidents of betrayal, which make the chest feel tight. The audience is led to believe that we can never again trust humans or other people. At the end of the story everything turns out to be wrong. In the end it is the belief in fellow human beings that saves the world and makes it a better place. This message of trust was successfully conveyed with a very touching and memorable happy ending .

Finally, the film Raya and the Last Dragon may be very entertaining with its action, story, visuals and comedy. In addition, the audience also received a message about trust between humans after watching this film.

So that's the end of the review for the film Raya and The Last Dragon from Popculture.id. For those of you who haven't had the chance to watch, Raya and The Last Dragon is still showing in cinemas and on the Disney+ streaming site. Come on, hurry up and watch!

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