Project Power Review: A Rare Superhero Theme!

 Everyone certainly dreams of having super powers, regardless of whether these super powers will be used for evil or good. Each person certainly has their own goals in using these super powers. Indeed, superpowers only exist in comics or other fictional stories. But, what if these super powers really exist in the real world?

Project Power tries to present the story, what if super powers exist in the real world. A private contractor usually engaged in defense, Keleos, illegally develops an extraordinary drug or pill. These pills can give a person the superpowers that everyone desires. The name of the pill is Project Power.

The premise shown is quite interesting from this film. Moreover, starring actors like Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Unfortunately the premise of this film feels a little rushed. Even so, fortunately it can be helped by the good relationship of the Robin and Arthur duo. The relationship between these two characters is so good, it seems that Frank's character, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is no longer needed.

Frank himself is a character with a typical good policeman, who always tries to do the best for his citizens. Frank is willing to break the rules to help Arthur and Robin solve the Power Pill case. However, there are challenges that Frank's character must face in the story.

As mentioned above, the beautiful relationship between Robin and Arthur seems to be the core story of the film. Then, the moment of Robin in the film is really well presented by Dominique Fischback. And also what is interesting is the moment where Arthur and Robin try to find the hidden talent in Robin.

At its core, this Project Power film is an “ordinary” story about the efforts of a father trying to save his daughter. The story is similar to Taken, played by Liam Neeson and similar films. However, different packaging and themes make this film unique.

Talking about superpowers, the film Project Power makes the function of these powers as a metaphor for human daily life. The super strength that is produced from the Power Pill is likened to an easy way to deal with every problem that confronts humans in their every life.

This is not the first time Joost and Schulman have presented a metaphor for something in a story, for example, Catfish is their debut film. Both of them try to research the various factors that make people addicted to social media, and make them very ambitious to be famous on the internet and social media.

Another thing that makes the plot of the film unique is the references to other actors and other films. An example is when Robin always associates Frank with the figure of Clint Eastwood, an actor who is known as a police officer who is brave and firm against anything.

When the demonstration of the power of the Power Pill is carried out by a woman in a giant tank, we see how the woman has extraordinary ice powers. One of the representatives from Keleos then referenced the woman and her ice power “ same as Frozen. ”

This is certainly surprising, and becomes a big question. How did the Frozen story appear in the Project Power movie? Is Frozen in the same universe as Project Power or vice versa? But, maybe this is one of Netflix's efforts to relate more to the audience in today's world.

Lastly, the Project Power film presents a story about illegal drugs but does not present or show about dependence – actually dependence is shown more at certain moments, for example in dangerous situations. But, it's still a positive thing how the film doesn't show the dependency effect in the story. The film is truly entertaining and full of energy and suspenseful scenes.

And what is unique about this film is that apart from inviting big Hollywood stars such as Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, there is also an Indonesian actor who is quite popular in the Hollywood industry, namely Yoshi Sudarso. He acts as one of the villains who has the power to make bones as weapons.

Apart from the cast, there is also an interesting story about this film. The scriptwriter, Mattson Tomlin, has been writing the script for this film for a long time. He's been writing this since 2016, and Matt also admitted that he wrote the script after he was inspired by Eminem's film '8 Mile' and the film 'Collateral' starring Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise.

So, it seems natural that then there is an element of rap in this film. In fact, all the backsound music in the film is a song with the rap genre. With an interesting story, good cast performances, combined with attractive rap music, this film is quite exciting for you to watch, geeks !

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