[MOVIE REVIEW] The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Imaginative & Inspirational Phrases From Ben Stiller

 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, maybe for some geeks this is a familiar movie title. The film was released on December 25, 2013 starring and directed by Ben Stiller. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a film wrapped in adventure, comedy and drama genres. Make it a suitable entertainment to be enjoyed with family, friends, spouses and friends on the sidelines of your busy life. This time, we will review the film 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty', see more below.

The majority of us may think that Ben Stiller is 'only' a comedian actor who has succeeded by starring in various films, but what if Ben also sits in the director's chair? Some of the films that have been directed by himself include Reality Bites, The Cable Guy and Zoolander. he proved through the film Tropic Thunder comedy genre which is the highest grossing comedy film in 2008. But The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is probably his best work so far.

Geeks if you have read the synopsis of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, you may assume that this film seems boring and ordinary. However, the director can package the film in a very epic way that can invite the audience to adventure, dream, and imagine with Walter Mitty so as to provide different emotions in each scene. On the other hand, the selection of each player is very in line with the storyline of this film and blends with the characters. In addition, Ben added an element of comedy adapted to the dramatic action which further strengthened the adventurous side of this film. Things like that make everything in this film an imprint on our minds as an 'inspirational & imaginative' film.

In terms of plot, this story, written by Steve Conrad, presents a simple story with a comfortable flow and unpredictable plot, but doesn't make the audience have to think hard. From here, you can see how Ben carries out his character as Walter Mitty. He was able to enrich the visuals and characterization of Walter Mitty. His character as someone who is boring and learns to get out of his comfort zone, Ben is able to portray from the way he communicates, body language, the look in his eyes and also the delivery of dialogue that makes this film come alive.

In addition, the cinematography in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty will spoil the visualization of the audience. Presenting a very beautiful view by applying very precise and amazing photography techniques and theories. It is not surprising that in this film visual is the main value. Coupled with the ultra wide-shot technique that shows the overall atmosphere in the film, it makes the actors look small, adding to the beauty of this film. And Stuart Dryburgh is the cinematographer, it's amazing, isn't it geeks?

Do not forget this film was added with a touch of advanced computerized CGI technology. In this film, CGI is used appropriately to realize Walter Mitty's wild imagination, his adventures and complete the cinematography which is so slick. Make the scene each scene runs nice and neat. Showing everything with the right composition details, it can be seen from the effects that are presented as if they are real.

Every adventure genre film will certainly feature a good location and maybe we've never seen it before, right geeks? The Secret Life of Walter Mitty will take us as if going into that place and make you want to immediately start traveling. By taking locations in various countries that are again showing their beauty. This certainly greatly affects all aspects presented in this film, including the effect on emotions, film nuances, visuals and characterization in each scene.

The selection of costumes is also one of the most influential aspects in a film, including this film. Here describes the characteristics of Walter Mitty through the style and color of his clothes. Such as shirts, jackets, sweaters, t-shirts and other properties that support the character played by Ben Stiller. These styles and colors indirectly manage to bring out the emotions, enthusiasm and boring nuances of Ben's life for the audience.

Then, this is the thing that completes all the aspects in it to be more perfect, namely the background music. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty provides a touch of music from Theodore Shapiro which makes all the elements in this film more emotional and even so comfortable to enjoy and every lyric is able to describe the atmosphere in each scene.

Overall starting from the director, writer, cast and all the crew involved were able to bring this story to life very well. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty managed to bring the audience to laugh, move and think about life, which is definitely inspiring. Geeks, for those of you who are feeling tired with your daily routine and confused about choosing a film? The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a very fitting choice, you don't have to think hard when watching it, just follow the plot until the end of the story, overall, the author's rating for this film is 8 out of a maximum value of 10.

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