Moon Ga Young & Yeo Jin Goo Ready to Play in Drama "Link: Eat, Love & Kill"

 Actress Moon Ga Young is ready to compete with actor Yeo Jin Goo in the drama "Link: Eat, Love & Kill." This drama will air in 2022.

Who ya already miss each actress Moon Ga Young? Yes, after finishing the drama "True Beauty" in February 2021, Moon Ga Young hasn't made a comeback through any drama or film.

But the offer for his latest project did blow in the virtual world. Even before the end of the drama "True Beauty" to be precise in January 2021, Moon Ga Young is rumored to be the main character in the drama "Link." Then not long after, the news was confirmed by the agency that oversees Moon Ga Young.

Even though they have been cast as the female lead, the production team for this drakor had a very difficult time finding the male lead.

Initially this offer was given to Kim Seon Ho . But the actor reportedly turned down this role for a reason.

This December finally drakor "Link" got clarity. First, this drama will change its title to "Link: Eat, Love & Kill." Second, the male lead finally fell into the hands of Yeo Jin Goo. That means, this is Moon Ga Young's first time acting opposite Yeo Jin Goo.

“Link: Eat, Love & Kill” itself is a drama genre that combines fantasy, romance and mystery. This drama tells the story of a man who suddenly begins to feel the emotions experienced by a certain woman.

The drama is written by Kwon Ki Young, the person behind the success of “I Remember You” and “Suspicious Partner.” In addition, this drama will be directed by Noh Sang Hoon, who previously worked on “I Remember You.”

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In this drama, Moon Ga Young will play the role of Noh Da Hyun. She is a woman who has never been lucky in anything. Until finally, she meets Gye Hoon, the man who lives in front of her house.

Yeo Jin Goo will play Eun Gye Hoon, the sous-chef of a restaurant he founded in the city where his twin brother went missing 20 years ago.

At first, Eun Gye Hoon's life was normal. But everything changed after he met Noh Da Hyun. Since that meeting, Eun Gye Hoon is suddenly able to feel what Noh Da Hyun is feeling.

Noh Da Hyun himself didn't realize at first that he could share his feelings with Eun Gye Hoon. Because the unique incident happened without his knowledge. But gradually, Noh Da Hyun and Eun Gye Hoon will realize the strangeness.

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