Malignant Review: James Wan's Unexpected New Horror Original

 This Malignant review will not contain any SPOILERS .

James Wan . Yes, who is not immediately excited when they hear the name and figure of this Australian horror director? This director of Malaysian descent is always synonymous with original horror works which are really cool.

Or even if it's not horror, the 44-year-old director still makes the films he directs, still looking fantastic. Just look at Aquaman (2018) as one real example. For his involvement, Aquaman at that time succeeded in repairing the image of the DCEU which had already been destroyed in the eyes of critics and fans .

So with this statement, it's no wonder that we too are super excited to welcome Wan's latest original horror work. Some media and critics who have watched it since yesterday, have super mixed responses to Malignant .

So to be honest, it made me, who was a horror film lover since birth, worried. But at the same time I still want to be positive. Because this is JAMES WAN! Is the movie not cool? So how is this cool or not or what? Just take a look at the following Malignannt review .

The Woman Who Always Haunted

Okay, before going into the review , I will first tell you the plot of this film so you don't get confused. Malignant tells the story of a woman named Madison Lake (Annabelle Wallis). She has long been married to her husband, Derek Mitchell (Jake Abel).

Madison is now pregnant. And it was revealed that she had been pregnant several times before, but unfortunately always miscarried. Well one day after he got into an argument with Derek, Madison had a bleeding head.

But somehow even though he had treated the bleeding, the blood was still dripping. Then somehow after the incident, his house always experienced supernatural events.

Yes, you can already guess what supernatural events I mean, such as: the lights flicker, Madison looks like she's seeing a shadowy figure, and mystical "home" events in general.

Well all of this ended with Madison's constant fear and curiosity. Even this incident also led to the death of close relatives and other people around him. Wow, what kind of supernatural event actually happened? Does it have anything to do with Madison?

Super Short Review

Maybe I can say, this Malignant review will be a fairly short film review in the history of Dafunda's review . Why? Because all aspects of this film including the genre of the film are also SPOILERS!

Yes, if you have watched it, you will agree with that statement. In essence, Malignant is better for us to see for ourselves. Anyway, once again, if you've watched it, you'll understand why I'm saying this.

Wan's Newest Original Work That Is Very Unique

Maybe what I can say in this Malignant review is, this film is the most unique original James Wan film. But this uniqueness is not to the taste of all audiences and even Wan fans as usual.

Yes, we do still get the look and feel of the typical horror film Wan. Like the jumpscare angles that make you sweat, the "right" ones (there's something scary when you jumpscare ), and mystery after mystery that makes you curious like detectives until the end of the film.

But at the same time, as the film progresses, we will suddenly feel confused and amazed by the choices that Wan chooses. I guarantee that you will exclaim, “yeah”, “how come”, “what the hell?”, “hmmmm”, “still okay”, “exciting”, and others.

The point is, once again, it will be mixed because some will like it and some will not like Wan's choice. But in the end, for me personally, all the decisions that Wan made still look right, okay, and fun .

Annabelle Wallis the Best Scream Queen Right Now

Do you understand the term scream queen in the horror genre shutter ? Yes, Scream Queen means a horror actress who is considered to have a very good scream. Anyway, when he shouted, we as the audience were also carried away by the danger he was facing.

Or it could also mean, actresses who are subscribed and always cool in horror films.

And names like: Jamie Lee Curtis ( Halloween ), Janet Leigh ( Psycho ), and Neve Campbell ( Scream ), are some examples of scream queens . And in fact, many successful actresses today fall into this category.

But of all, it seems for now, no one beats Annabelle Wallis. Not only does he regularly appear in horror films (especially Wan's films), he also has a fantastic scream or "money" in terms of his entertainment business .

His screaming voice in this film is absolutely fantastic. I guarantee that if he screams like in this film in our house, a neighbor or even a village will come to our house immediately. And to support his cool scream, Wallis' performance in this film is also fantastic.

We can say, his performance as Madison in this film, is the best performance in Wallis career so far.

Still Entertaining Even If Not 100% Perfect

With this Malignant review , we can conclude that this film is not 100% perfect like James Wan's previous original films.

The choices and exploration that he chooses in this film once again, will not suit all fans . So don't expect this and that. A bit low expectations before watching the film. However, Malignant is still very entertaining.

For those of you who are horror fans or Wan fans , or both, you will still find fun entertainment when watching it. Hopefully this Malignant review can give you the right decision whether you want to watch it through the cinema, or via online / streaming only.

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