Love And Monsters Film Review: Potential To Be Explored

 Today we are back with movie review content. If yesterday wrote a review of the Wonder Woman 1984 film , now we will review the film titled Love And Monsters directed by Michael Matthews, which first aired in October 2020.

Love and Monsters is a fantasy adventure film. Quite different from similar films, Love and Monsters uses a light comedy approach with a touch of romance that is quite thick.

This film stars some big names such as Dylan O'Brien, Jessica Henwick, Michael Rooker, Daniel Ewing and child actress Ariana Greenblatt who looks stunning throughout this film. For some reason I was amazed and very, very entertained after watching this film. I feel much happier than after watching The Devil All The Time or The Trial of the Chicago 7 even though these three films can't actually be compared.

Common Plot With Brilliant Execution

To be honest, the plot of the story carried by the film Love And Monsters is very common. This film is about the adventures of a man who wants to meet his old lover after being separated for 7 years. They are separated because the world is experiencing destruction caused by insects that mutate to become large and threaten humanity.

After the insect mutation, humans are no longer at the top of the food chain. The human population is threatened and drastically reduced. Those who survived survived and lived in underground bunkers, sheltering from the possibility of falling prey to monsters.

After 7 years of hiding humans, a depressed young man named Joel Dawson (Dylan O'Brien) decides to go outside the bunker to meet his old lover. With desperation and love, the young man walks on an earth that has been infested with monsters.

It is undeniable that post-apocalyptic plots like this are commonly used in films and even television series. So, what makes Love and Monsters so amazing?

The short answer I can give is: the execution of the story is solid and not long-winded. This film feels very fitting in many ways. Even the comedy scenes and dialogues really help the main character building. One of my favorite scenes and dialogues in this film is when Joel kills Queen and screams “ I Feel Like Tom Cruise!”

The Importance of Archives for Human Civilization

Congested. Maybe that's the right word to describe the film Love and Monsters . The writing of this film is very detailed and neat, using the view of the cowardly and traumatic main character to further explore the post-apocalypse world and the dangerous creatures that live in it.

This film also uses the hobby of drawing the main character as meaning, triggers conflict and twists throughout the film. From what I have seen, the film Love and Monsters tries to tell us that archiving is very important for human civilization.

It is said that Joel often draws and writes information on various monsters and plants and their characteristics in his small notes. It was this little note that ultimately helped him explore a world that was in ruins. With this note, Joel also helps many people who are still in hiding to dare to get out of the bunker and start a new civilization and defeat the fear of threatening monsters.

Potential To Explore

At the end of the film, we see that everyone who was hiding finally goes outside and goes on a journey to explore a world that has been destroyed. Armed with Joel's notes, each group tries to survive and adapt to the new world.

This final scene also makes me think that the world in Love and Monsters is very wide and has the potential to be explored. There are still many places, creatures and conflicts that can be explored more deeply. It seems like it would be fun to see the humans shoulder to shoulder or even fighting each other to rebuild a civilization that had been destroyed.

Personally, I hope to be able to watch the continuation of Joel's story in Love and Monsters with a note that the production must be consistent and at least have the same quality as the first film. Yes, I hope that the success of this film does not make filmmakers big heads and make film sequels that are haphazard.

So that's the review of the film Love and Monsters . I can honestly say that this film is worthy of being watched by fantasy film fans or film fans in general.

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