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Jungle Cruise Review (2021): Much More Fun Than Pirates of the Caribbean

 Maybe this is a super subjective statement. But for me, the hit fantasy film franchise , Pirates of the Caribbean (2003-2017), is too complicated for us to digest.

In fact, if we look again, the adventure story of the gokil Rocker pirate Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), has a fun and light concept and premise. But for some reason, the light story looks and feels complicated (complexed).

Moreover, if we remember, the franchise is an adaptation of one of the rides in Disney theme parks. Now seeing this fact, it's no wonder then, I immediately got worried. The reason is, Jungle Cruise is also an adaptation of rides that are also available at Disney theme parks.

But despite feeling traumatized, at the same time I still have super positive hopes. Because first, this isn't Pirates of the Caribbean . Then second, the film features a super charismatic WWE actor and star, The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson.

And oh yeah, besides that, this Jaume Collet-Serra ( Orphan, Run All Night ) film features Emily Blunt ( Mary Poppins Returns ). Whether you're a Blunt fan or not, of course we know that this beautiful actress from London, England is always cool in every appearance.

And it is proven, that optimism produces very beautiful results. So from this statement, we can conclude that Jungle Cruise is a cool film. In fact, better than Pirates of the Caribbean . And yep, this is true.

But before explaining further why the film is cool, let's first look at the plot discussion of the following Jungle Cruise Review .

Pain Cure Flower Leaves

Jungle Cruise is set in 1916 and, tells the story of a botanist, Dr. Lily Houghton (Blunt). He was obsessed with convincing all British science academics of the power of Tears of the Moon .

What are Tears of the Moon ? None other than, is a tree whose flower leaves are believed to be able to heal all diseases and various injuries in an instant. Now the reason Lily desperately wants to convince, is so that she can help advance medical personnel in this world.

In addition, he also wanted to help all British soldiers who were fighting on the battlefields of World War 1. However, because of the nature of the tree and its leaves, which clearly looked "naughty" , none of the scientific academics believed or supported Lily's determination. .

But Lily was still determined to prove it. In short, he and his younger brother, MacGregor Houghton (Jack Whitehall) decide to go to the Amazon. This is because, Tears of the Moon are believed to be in that place.

So to get to the Amazon, both of them have to transit in Brazil first. When they arrived in Brazil, they met the captain of the cruise ship , Frank Wolff (Johnson). At first Frank refused to take the two of them. But after going through various dramas and convincing actions here and there, Frank agreed.

However, the two of them certainly did not go as smoothly as they thought. There are just these kinds of obstacles. Not to mention, Lily and Frank often argued with each other during the trip.

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That's not enough, a respected figure from Germany, Prince Joachim (Jesse Plemons), is also eyeing his Tears of the Moon . As a result, chases and fights are unavoidable.

Then, how is the continuation of the action of fighting for Tears of the Moon ? Well , just go to your favorite cinema to find out.

Fun and Not Disturbed

As I explained in the first paragraph of this Jungle Cruise review , I say this film is much better than Pirates of the Caribbean . And this, again, is not a hoax.

Even from the beginning of the film, we can immediately digest and understand the plot of the story. And this is increasingly felt as the plot of the story goes. And more importantly, unlike the POC plot which sometimes feels "forced" , the Jungle Cruise plot makes a lot of sense.

Of course, this positive aspect cannot be separated from Serra's cold hands as a director. If I watched from the beginning, for some reason every film he handled ended up really well.

Yes, you just look at the phenomenal horror film 2009, Orphan , and also his work with several films starring Liam Neeson ( Run All Night, Non-Stop, The Commuter ).

And considering that Serra will also direct the DCEU film, Black Adam , which also features Johnson as the main star. So, we can be sure that the film of Shazam's arch enemy will be just as fun.

Chemistry Gokil Johnson & Blunt

Another positive aspect that I can mention in this Jungle Cruise review , is Johnson and Blunt 's chemistry . The two of them have chemistry that we don't expect, really gokil.

The two of them successfully competed with each other in funny and playful acting with each of their characters who were both tough. Anyway, we really don't think so.

The reason is, when we see Blunt and Johnson, who do of us think that the two are the right on-screen couple ? But yes, in fact, this is what happened. I really hope that Jungle Cruise , is not the first and last project of the two.

Because Johnson and Blunt, we can say, are a really cool new comedic duo. The potential for fabric success is enormous. Oh yes, one more thing I should not forget to mention, is composer James Newton Howard ( The Bourne Legacy ).

Because, without the composition of the notes in the film, not only the appearance and chemistry of Johnson and Blunt are not exciting. Also, it will make this film very bland.

The scoring composition is very upbeat and fantastic, successfully opening our childhood imagination further when watching this film.

The Most Fun Fantasy Adventure Movie

So what are the drawbacks of this film? Well , maybe it's more about the overall feel of the film, which is rather ordinary. After all, the fact is, aren't there a lot of films that focus on adventures in search of valuable artifacts or treasures?

In addition, Prince Joachim in this film is very generic and less attractive as the main villain . Plemons is already acting as cool as possible (even already entered the shutter over the top ), but still the figure of Joachim is already very typical in similar films.

However, despite all these shortcomings, we can conclude from this Jungle Cruise review that this film is fun for us to watch. Moreover, if you are a fan of the fantasy adventure genre /premise or looking for treasure, you will really enjoy Jungle Cruise .

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