IT Review: Chapter 2, Satisfactory Ending

 After the success of his first film, Warner Bros. then continues the story of Pennywise and the children of the Losers Club in the film IT Chapter Two . Andy Muschietti is back in the director's chair and Bill Skaarsgard is back as the terrible clown, Pennywise. Although the child cast from the previous film is back, this film also features stars like Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy as the adult version of the Losers Club.

IT Chapter Two tells the story of 27 years after the events of the first film and the Losers Club children have grown up and live outside the Derry area. However, when Mike Hanlon – the only child still living there – sensed a sign of Pennywise's reappearance, he called all of his friends.

This film also shows the childhood trauma that the Losers Club members have to go through. Whether there is a lack of script written by Gary Dauberman or because of the effect of shifting focus which is a big challenge, this film is considered less “sweet” in achieving the story than the first film.

This film actually presents more dialogue than presenting visual action to the audience. However, fortunately this film has big stars like James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain who are able to increase the emotion of the story. However, this film still tries to present its horror side and also includes various jokes in the midst of terrible visuals.

Bill Harder and Ransome managed to convey these various jokes well, by bringing a sense of humor in the midst of the terror that occurred. It slightly reduces the horror side of the film. There is also a discontinuity between the violence that occurs in the film, such as Beverly getting violent from her husband at the beginning of the film, and elements that attempt to frighten the characters.

But, of course there are also moments that are very scary and also give the Losers Club the greatest fear. The film also really has to have, whether to present more shocking scenes or present more situations that are in accordance with the theme, when it fails to present a scary horror that fits the theme and character development in the film.

Not that the film IT Chapter Two will disappoint geeks fans of Stephen King and Muschietti. This film also still displays the satisfaction of a sequel film and concludes an interesting story from Losers Club. It's just that maybe Muschietti needs efficiency in his story and theme. It's also possible that the film is trying to appeal to a more general audience, with the inclusion of jokes that make the film less scary.

In essence, IT Chapter Two still provides interesting treats for sequel films, only that the film is not as interesting as the first film in 2017. Even though from a story perspective there are a few shortcomings, from a visual perspective, horror fans will still find satisfaction. In addition, IT Chapter Two is also one of the films that must be watched by fans of King and IT films . For geeks who are not too happy with horror, you can also watch the film, especially with the jokes in it which makes the film a little lighter.

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