I run to you : Pierfrancesco Favino and Miriam Leone together for the first time

 The new comedy directed by Riccardo Milani and out in cinemas on February 10 promises emotion and laughter thanks to the couple formed by Favino and Leone

What would a serial seducer be willing to do in order to get the woman he interests to end up in his network? We will find out in Corro da te, the new film by Riccardo Milani who, after the success of C ome un gatto in tangenziale - Return to Coccia di Morto , returns to the cinema from 10 February with a romantic comedy starring two champions who, up to today, they had never met: Pierfrancesco Favino and Miriam Leone. I run to you , inspired by the movie Tout le Monde Bebout, written and directed by Franck Dubosc in collaboration with Gaumont, it is the story of Gianni (Favino), a man of almost fifty at the head of an important brand of running shoes who, at a certain point, pretends to be on a wheelchair to conquer the young lady on duty.

But when he meets Chiara (Leone), a sunny and optimistic woman, a musician for work and a tennis player for passion despite the accident that made her paraplegic , Gianni begins to have a completely different kind of feelings for her. Thanks to his closeness and his influence, Gianni will be able to change the perspective on many things: life, love, disability itself, learning that the only real handicap is the lack of fortitude. The film, which also stars Carlo De Ruggieri and Pietro Sermonti, Vanessa Scalera , Michele Placido, Giulio Base and the great Piera degli Esposti in her latest interpretation , among others, has all the credentials to catalyze the attention of the spectators especially from the Pierfrancesco Favino-Miriam Leone duo who, already from the trailer, reveals a palpable alchemy.

The two actors, who over the years have managed to build a very solid career thanks to increasingly strong and appreciated interpretations by the public and critics , compete, in this round, with a bittersweet title capable of combining the fun of misunderstandings and suffering. of unveiling, offering that range of conflicting emotions that only two professionals like them are able to return on screen. Corro da te is written by Furio Andreotti, Giulia Calenda and by Riccardo Milani himself. 

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