On the occasion of the debut of Hotel Transylvania: A Monstrous Exchange on Prime Video, we met some of the original voices.

Almost ten years after the first chapter's film debut, Sony Pictures Animation's hit franchise concludes on Prime Video with its fourth feature, Hotel Transylvania: A Monstrous Exchange . On the occasion of this farewell, the international press attended a special online conference, with part of the original voice cast: Andy Samberg (Johnny), Selena Gomez (Mavis), Keegan-Michael Key (Murray the mummy), David Spade ( Griffin, the invisible man), and Fran Drescher(Eunice, the wife of Frankenstein's monster). A funny meeting, also due to technical problems (Gomez's connection was interrupted for several minutes towards the end, causing router problems at the star's home), and with a clarification about the great absence in the film: Adam Sandler, voice of Dracula in the first three films, this tour is missing due to other commitments. Spade explains: " Adam had, I think, three other films in the works at the same time. " Adds Drescher: " Luckily it's very easy to imitate the voice he uses for Dracula, it's not particularly like how he talks in life. "

New challenges

Hotel Transylvania: A monstrous exchange revolves around the odd premise of transformation: Professor Van Helsing has invented a contraption that can turn humans into monsters, and vice versa. How did the actors react when they saw the designs for these new versions of their characters? Andy Samberg begins : " I love it, it's a cross between a backpacker and Godzilla, which is what I dreamed of being as a child. " David Spade , on the other hand, explains how his intervention led to changes: " When they showed me the version Griffin's human, was initially good-looking, looked a bit like Bradley Cooper. I pointed out that in my opinion, since he goes for a walk with monsters and is probably not in shape, something more funny would make sense. Also because it is a family film, these characters should also make you laugh in terms of physical appearance. " Keegan Michael Key was surprised:" I expected Murray to be overweight, because I thought he only had a layer of bandages. When I saw that he was going to be thin and very low, it affected my performance, because I had to give him a completely different voice than usual. "Another question for Samberg: Does animation affect comic timing?"Not particularly, also because at the fourth film we know what the visual style is and what they expect from us. And it's nice to be able to do these projects, because they don't ask you to be measured, you can exaggerate as much as you want. "

Say goodbye to the hotel

What will this cast miss from the franchise after ten years of adventures? Selena Gomez , after being offline for a few minutes, returns with an answer that is linked to the concept of complicity with other actors at junket and events such as the Toronto International Film Festival, where the world premiere of the progenitor took place: " I remember that I was with Andy for some interviews, and they started asking me questions about my private life. And he answered for me! ". Fran Drescher is very attached to her character: " I will miss Eunice, I love her look and her role in the franchise, she is a kind of mother figure. " Keegan-Michael Key is interested in the final result: "Every time I see the finished film it is a great emotion, because the artistic and technical level is very high. I'll miss that, to be able to see the new movies. "David Spade thinks in similar terms:" Yes, it's nice to see the full movie, also because now that it comes out you have already started working on the next one, and so when the audience asks if there will be another one you can answer yes. It's a shame that the saga is over, but I'm happy because the four films are all successful in my opinion. "Samberg becomes a little melancholy:" I still don't want to admit that it's all over, because I had a lot of fun. I'll miss everything: the dubbing, the cast, the junket, everything. "

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