Honest Thief Review: Bank Thief For the sake of idols

 Liam Neeson ( Taken ) is back to being a badass figure in Honest Thief . And now he plays the role of a sincere and honest  bank thief to woo his idol.

Wow, this is unique. But isn't the film cool? Well, just take a look at the following review

All for love

As already said. Honest Thief tells the story of Neeson's character, Tom Dolan who is very good at breaking into all bank vaults in all cities and states of the United States.

Anyway, in carrying out his actions he was never caught, aka "clean". To the point, he was nicknamed, In-and-Out-Bandit .

But when he finally meets and falls in love with a beautiful warehouse keeper, Annie Wilkins (Kate Walsh), he immediately decides to "convert". Anyway, he doesn't want to be a thief anymore.

So to show his intentions, he also contacted the local police and asked them to arrest him and he later returned all the stolen money to the FBI.

But like in similar films, of course, even though they have good intentions, there are still big obstacles that stand in their way.

And the obstacle, in fact, is from two FBI agents who come to arrest him: John Nivens (Jai Courtney) and Ramon Hall (Anthony Ramos).

The two, who were supposed to be doing their job, turned 180 degrees to steal back all of Tom's stolen money. And from here finally all the chaos ( chaos ) occurs.

Intruiging Premise That Ends Ordinarily

From the plot, maybe we will frown a little. Specifically, we will feel strange with the development of the main premise, which in fact, is very imaginative .

And indeed guys . That's what I feel too. The premise of this "bank thief insyaf" is very different ( fresh ) but in the end it feels like most films or episodes of most police procedural serials .

The ending was predictable. But fortunately, director Mark Williams ( A Family Man ), is still okay in executing all the drama and action scenes that are shown. So this super standard plot still feels exciting.

Yes, very honest. I just feel confused, why did Williams and his co-writer, Steve Allrich ( Bad Karma ) not maximize or make a difference in their super generic plot?

Vampirski dnevnici Dara iz Jasenovca Quo Vadis, Aida

Maybe say, Tom was also toying with his FBI agent for his more cunning purposes but, when in front of Annie, he appeared like an "angel". Yes, it's a bit general too, but at least it's much better than what is presented in this film.

Fortunately, once again, the action scenes are still exciting. If not, it can be even more boring  when you watch it.

Courtney is more suited to be the antagonist

And of course the entertaining action aspect cannot be separated from Neeson, who again and again, at the age of 68, is still gokil and badass . His distinctive intensity was really still visible.

As for the dramatic acting aspect, there seems to be no need to doubt it. What surprised me here was Walsh and Courtney. I rarely watch Grey's Anatomy let alone Walsh's previous films.

But WOW. Besides still looking tempting, this 53-year-old actress looks very cool here. He succeeded in showing the figure of Annie who was filled with confusion but also wanted to show her tough side as Tom's companion.

The tek-tok of his acting with Neeson was also quite good. And Courtney, after watching his role here, I believe that this Australian actor is indeed much cooler playing the antagonist.

Actually in The Divergent franchise , he already demonstrated this with his Eric Coulter role. But unfortunately at that time, many audiences were still not noticed .

Fortunately in this film, he managed to make us really excited. So that it is guaranteed to be able to confirm that Courtney once again, really fits the antagonist role.

Unfortunately his partner, Ramos, is not as cool as Courtney. In fact, if I'm honest, his appearance in this film is very annoying . Luckily once again, there was Neeson who saved everything.

Very suitable for those who like action

n the end, the film, which is still showing on the XXI cinema network, cannot be expected to be a WOW or class A super action drama film.

This film, is a standard action drama film that we have seen the premise and scenes of before.

But indeed for a film that makes us have fun, release boredom, this Honest Thief film is really okay!

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