Hawkeye Episode 6: New York City Christmas Eve Chaos

 After running for more than 2 weeks, finally the Hawkeye series episode 6 which is the finale for the first season is released. As has been rumored, the last episode of the series featuring Kate Bishop and Clint Barton has a duration of up to 1 hour. In this final episode, we see the conclusion and resolution of the conflicts that have arisen from the first episode to the fifth episode.

In this last episode, we saw more of the fight. This fight takes place on Christmas Eve in New York City. Some of the parties involved included LARPers, Tracksuit Mafia, Hawkeye and Kate Bishop, Kingpin, Maya Lopez and also Yelena Belova. For more complete details, the following is a summary of the finale episode of the Hawkeye series .

Kingpin Officially Joins MCU

Having last appeared in the third season of Daredevil on Netflix, Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin aka Wilson Fisk has returned with the Hawkeye series finale . We can see the figure of Kingpin who is so charismatic and threatening. Not until there, we also see a little strength from the figure of Kingpin. He fought Kate Bishop and lost.

At the end of the story, Kingpin met Maya who pointed a gun at him. Gunshots were heard but we can't confirm that Kingpin really died at the hands of Maya Lopez. Regardless, this last episode indicates that Kingpin has officially joined the MCU.

Maya Lopez . Transformation

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After Maya learns the truth about the events of her father's murder, she begins to rethink her goals and the real enemy she faces. In this last episode, we get to see the changes that have happened to Maya. He began to turn against the mafia formed by his father. He also killed Kazi who was his father's right-hand man and he even had a direct confrontation with Kingpin who was his boss. This episode may be the initial story of Maya's transformation into a superhero with the name Echo.

Eleanor Bishop's Fate

After various criminal mysteries continue to roll from the first episode to the fifth episode, we finally know that the main criminal in this series is Eleanor Bishop, the mother of Kate Bishop. He is one of the partners of Kingpin.

Eleanor herself killed Armand, asked Yelena to kill Clint Barton, conspired with Kingpin and framed Jack aka Swordsman for all the crimes he did. At the end of the story, Eleanor was arrested by the police on charges of murder. Yes in the end, the MCU outwit us. Jack is not a villain. He was good from the start!

Yelena Belova and Clint Barton

One of the most emotional moments in the finale episode is the fight between Yelena and Hawkeye. In the fight, Yelena tried to kill and almost won and took revenge for the death of Natasha. But everything changes after Hawkeye learns a secret whistle that only Natasha and Yelena know.

In the end, the Black Widow's sister wanted to hear Hawkeye's version of the story of Natasha Romanoff's death. Yelena then left without a word after hearing the story. Yelena's silent departure raises questions. Will he go after Madame HYDRA? Because, he was the one who said that Clint killed Natasha Romanoff.

Mysterious Clock

The final mystery revealed in the final episode of Hawkeye is the mysterious clock. Clint managed to get the watch. Surprisingly enough, on the back of the watch there is a SHIELD logo. The watch seems to belong to Laura Barton, the wife of Clint who is a former SHIELD agent. This is an interesting easter egg which is certainly nice to see again.

So that's the story and the ending of the first season of the Hawkeye series . What do you think Popins? Are you satisfied with the conclusion and resolution of the conflicts that occurred in the Hawkeye series episode 6? What is the score for this Hawkeye series ? Let's write your opinion in the comments column~

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