Free Guy Movie Review: Suitable for Watching Real Gamers!

 Film fans in Indonesia are happy today. After being closed for a long time due to the Covid-19 case that did not improve, now cinemas in the country have begun to operate slowly. There are many films that are then shown in theaters. From superhero films to action films and dramas. Now, this time will write a review of the film Free Guy, which is still showing in theaters.

Free Guy is a film directed by Shawn Levy. The film, which tells the story of an alternative world, brought the famous actor Ryan Reynolds as the main star. It is not surprising that this film itself has strong references and attachments to Marvel superhero films. Apart from that, is this film worth watching? Is this film good enough and interesting? So, instead of lingering, let's take a look at the review below!

Neat Story

Free Guy itself tells the story of a banker in a city called Free City. The banker has a monotonous life every day. One time, he changed when he saw a woman who passed in front of him. From there, the story of a banker named Guy begins.

The story of this film is very unique and neat. Because, we get 2 different stories from different backgrounds. The figure of Guy, played by Ryan Reynold himself, exists in a game world called Free City . But there is another story beyond this, namely the players who play the game and also two independent game developers who are looking for evidence for the copyright theft case they are facing. The story sounds very complicated and complicated, but when you watch you will be amazed because this film can tell it very simply.

Because this film has two conflicts in different settings, the duration of 2 hours of this film feels very fast. There are no fillers or empty scenes made to fill the duration. Everything is related and conflict comes continuously until it reaches a climax at the end of the film. In short, this film is very good storytelling. Log Horizon or Sword Art Online anime fans will probably relate to this film. If I'm honest, this film is like the two anime in the live-action version .

Unique Game System Description

One of the interesting things offered by the Free Guy movie is the depiction of the game that is the background of the film. Yup, this film is very, very good at describing the game system in very detail, interesting and relatable to gamers. In short, this film accurately describes the atmosphere of an online game and the behaviors of the players who play it. A small child player who often speaks harshly, an unemployed person who is great at playing games to a gaming YouTuber. Everything is complete. Free Guy really pulls all the elements of online games in the real world and builds interesting stories from there. Wonderful!

In addition to discussing the game system, Free Guy also touched on the life and working climate of online game developers. We see how the workers are trying to keep the server stable. Workers who try to solve bugs and glitches to game masters who have to step in to deal with players who are destroying the game. It doesn't stop there, there are also conflicts from the lives of the game makers themselves. In short, the game as the main element is really put to good use.

The Visuals are Very Cool and Support the Story

The two points that we have discussed next are certainly very good advantages. Interestingly, these two things are supported by excellent visual execution and cinematography. Although it looks very much like a popcorn movie , but still the visuals are very good and look very, very realistic. Interestingly, the perspective of the player playing the game also gets a description where the game also has a different visual.

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This visual execution, of course, we need to appreciate. It's not an easy thing to make a movie with a game setting. Maybe Free Guy is one of the films set in online games that has interesting visuals. The rest, online game themes are usually more familiar on anime platforms. The fact that visuals really support the story and depiction of online games makes Free Guy really worth watching. Moreover, there are many pop culture easter eggs that appear in this film. For example, Captain America's shield , Hulk's hand to Light Saber! Hahaha, so much fun!

So that's the review of the film Free Guy from What do you think Popins? Are you interested in watching this Ryan Reynolds film? You can watch this film in theaters or buy it on the Amazon Prime site.

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