Film Review : Split

 Hello geeks, this is my first review on the greenscene review forum, hehe, I want to review a little about the Split film made by a director named M. Night Shyamalan. Who is Shyamalan? he is one of the iconic directors in Hollywood who consistently presents supernatural-themed films that are full of twists. There are many films from M. Night Shyamalan that the writer likes, such as The Sixth Sense. as well as the latest film Split.

This film tells of the terror experienced by three women namely Casey, Claire and Marcia when they were about to travel together. A foreign man named Kevin (James McAvoy is my favorite actor hehe..) suddenly drugged and kidnapped the three of them. Casey, Claire, and Marcia are finally locked in a room where it is located. The three girls panicked and tried to find a way out. However, their efforts are not easy because Kevin actually has 23 personalities that appear alternately. He can transform into a woman named Patricia, a child named Hedwig, and a grown man named Dennis. Each Kevin's personality has a different character where some of them can be dangerous and certainly make the situation tense.

Now what I want to emphasize when watching this film is a story that makes us pay more attention to the characters, not to find twists like other Shyamalan films. Through many flashbacks, the placement of which must be admitted, sometimes shakes faith, eh, that means focus, this film conditions us to see Kevin as an ordinary human being due to childhood trauma.

The point is, in my opinion, split is a successful comeback for Shyamalan. This director is able to raise the mysterious theme of multiple personalities in an interesting and tense manner throughout the film. The story is present like pieces full of puzzles even though the twists that are presented are not as many and surprising as the previous M. Night Shyamalan film.

Thanks Shyamalan, I hope you can continue to release more cool works for sure.

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