Echo Series Will Present Daredevil?

 After wrapping up the Hawkeye series a few days ago , Marvel still has a line-up of series that will air on the Disney+ streaming channel in the next few years, one of which is highly anticipated because it's intriguing is Maya Lopez's solo series, Echo . The series that will be part of Phase 4 of the MCU is still very minimal information, but after yesterday's Hawkeye ending , there are some signs that it might be used as the basic plot of the Echo series .


In the Hawkeye ending , after Clint Barton and Kate Bishop managed to defeat Kingpin and his Mafia Tracksuit, Echo is shown meeting Kingpin who was injured in the fight against Kate. At that point Echo already knew that it was Kingpin himself who had told the Ronin to kill his father. That's why Maya immediately pointed a gun at Kinpin's head, and when the camera was moving away, a gunshot sounded that made fans wonder if Kingpin was really dead.

Many believe that Kingpin is too strong to just die, because in Marvel Comics, Kingpin's story is far more dangerous than just being a mobster messing up Christmas Eve in New York City. On this basis, it is very likely that Kingpin will return in the upcoming Echo series . And not only that, his role could later lead to the emergence of the bravest superhero in the Marvel Universe. Who is he, and how did this happen? Let's talk about it, geeks.


Kingpin Is Not The Only New Character In The MCU

The actor playing Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin, namely Vincent D'Onofrio, first appeared in the Netflix series Daredevil  which aired for three seasons in 2015-2018. Many fans consider the Daredevil  series to be the best non-Disney+ Marvel series to date. Therefore, many parties are pushing for the cast and characters to be "adopted" by Marvel Studios as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Where it is actually realized.

In addition to Kingpin from D'Onofrio, there is one more Daredevil serial character who appears surprisingly in the MCU, namely Matt Murdock aka Daredevil himself, played by Charlie Cox. He recently appeared in the film Spider-Man: No Way Home to help Peter Parker (Tom Holland) escape the legal problems that ensnared him, after previously being accused of murdering Mysterio. His presence in the MCU invites many questions, one of the loudest is fan questions regarding when will Daredevil appear next?

Even though the plot of the Echo series is still being kept under wraps, the series is the perfect time for Daredevil to show off, showing how strong this Marvel character is expected to be the most daring. However, how he came to be and why he should appear in the Echo series ,  let's discuss it much more deeply below, geeks.

Echo History with Daredevil and Kingpin

Maybe what happened between Maya and Kingpin at the end of Hawkeye was the main plot capital of the Echo  series which was cleverly disguised by Marvel Studios. In Marvel Comics itself, there are comic pages that are similar to the ending scene, when Maya points a gun at Kingpin, after learning that her father died because he was killed by Kingpin's orders. Of course all these events are the end of a series of events that occurred in the comics.

In the comic Daredevil Vol. 2 (1998-2009), after Kingpin adopted Maya as his son, he financed all of Maya's education including dance and martial arts lessons. This was done as an effort to train Maya's photographic reflex skills that she had had since childhood, with the hope that when Maya grew up she would be ready to defeat Kingpin's mortal enemy, Daredevil. And sure enough, after Maya was ready, Kingpin slandered Daredevil that he was the one who had killed his father.

Maya, filled with vengeance, then looks for Daredevil to kill him. Their fight finally really happened in the comic Daredevil Vol. 2 #51 by David Mack and David Ross in 2001. After a fierce battle, you could even say Daredevil was beaten badly by Maya who has the ability to photographic reflex. Surprisingly when Daredevil's wound formed a "question mark", Maya began to calm down and read Daredevil's lips, considering Maya was a deaf person. And finally he knew, that Daredevil was the Matt Murdock he loved so much.


Daredevil explained that when his father died, he was still in elementary school. So, it was highly unlikely that he would have killed a grown man who at that time was Kingpin's confidant. Maya is shocked and finds out who the real killer is then immediately looks for Kingpin and shoots her adoptive father right in the head, leaving him covered in blood. However, at the end it is shown that Kingpin is not dead, Maya's shot only makes him blind.

Daredevil's Future in the MCU

The scene in the Daredevil  comic indicates that Kingpin in the Hawkeye series will also not just die. Because the scene when Maya shoots the gun is not shown, it might be the same as in Marvel Comics where Kingpin was only blind, or Maya didn't even shoot Kingpin at all because she couldn't bear to have her adoptive father. With this plot capital, Kingpin can return as a villain in the Echo series ,  as a father figure who is trying to find Maya to take revenge or just invite her back.

As we all know, Kingpin is a new MCU villain that has proven to be very strong. Even after being shot in the chest with an arrow, then being hit by a car and bouncing very far, and being hit by a bomb arrow that exploded right under his feet, he was still able to run away from the police and finally meet Maya. So it seems that Maya alone will not be able to stem Kinpin's power in the Echo series later, therefore she needs help to defeat him, and Daredevil is the right person for that.

Unlike in Marvel Comics, maybe Maya will just meet Matt Murdock aka Daredevil in her solo series later, fall in love with him and maybe fight each other too. However, in the end Maya, who has taken on the identity of Echo, will be surprised to find out Daredevil is Matt Murdock, just like in Marvel Comics. The two of them then share the goal of defeating Kingpin together, considering Daredevil is Kingpin's enemy who is always on his radar.


Even though Echo and Daredevil have teamed up, it's still uncertain whether the two of them can defeat Kingpin. Because besides being strong, Kingpin also has many subordinates and relationships, both in the underworld and in the New York City government. That's the discussion of why Daredevil can be present in the Echo series , and work together with Echo to defeat Kingpin. So far, Marvel hasn't announced when the Echo series will be released, so we'll just have to wait, geeks. What is clear is that if it really happened, the three of them would most likely be very epic.  

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