Drakor Mouse, Serial Murder Psychopathic Mystery Drama

 Drama Mouse is one of the most anticipated series of 2021. This Korean drama raises a crime mystery story with the composition of director Choi Joon-bae who is famous for presenting a plot twist in his work.

Mouse: The Predator was first released on March 3, 2021, which was aired by the TVN channel for 20 episodes and 3 special episodes. This series is getting busier with the presence of Lee Seung-gi who has played a role in My Girlfriend Is Gumiho (2009) and Vagabond (2019).

It is known, the Mouse series was inspired by a murder incident at an Incheon elementary school in 2017. Because of that, there are so many dark psychopathic scenes that are violent, so this drama gets a 19+ rating.

Curious how the story plot of this serial killer psychopath? Prepare your theory and imagination to guess who is behind all this. Before that, read the synopsis of the Korean drama series Mouse below.

Synopsis of drama Mouse

This 2021 Korean drama features actor Lee Seung-gi as a kind and obedient police officer named Jang Ba-reum. He teams up with an emotional detective whose ambition is to avenge the psychopathic killer of his parents, the man named Ko Moo-chi, played by Lee Hee-hoon.

They both have the same objective, which is to hunt down serial killers who disturb the security of Korean citizens. Many urges were made to the police to immediately resolve this sadistic murder case.

Detective Ko Moo-chi has a strong suspicion that a neurologist named Sung Yo-han is the perpetrator of the serial murders. It was based on Yo-han's father, a psychopath who killed Ko Moo-chi's family 20 years ago named Han Seo-joon.

Ko Moo-chi and Ba-reum finally found the location of Sung Yo-han. Ba-reum and Yo-han fight, both dying. Bar-reum's head is hit hard against the wall multiple times, while Yo-han is shot and killed instantly.

Ba-reum, who was in critical condition at the time, had problems with his brain. The poor man has to undergo a forebrain transplant operation which will be replaced with Yo-han's brain.

It turned out that the one who performed the brain transplant operation itself was Han Seo-joon, a psychopath who was sentenced to life in prison. It is known that Han Seo-joon is a genius neurosurgeon, for years he has been doing brain transplant research. Because of that special case, the state gave him permission to carry out the operation.






After brain surgery, Ba-reum's life changes. He could only vaguely remember all the memories of his life. Yo-han's memory also began to slowly land in his memory. An inner struggle ensues between Bar-reum and the other person's memory that is in her head.

How does Ba-reum handle it all? Then, can the police be able to uncover the serial murder case? Is Yo-han really the culprit? Browse and find out the full answer by streaming Mouse Drakor , can be watched on the Vidio streaming service.

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