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Cruella Review: Disney's Sympathetic Origin Villain and Rock N' Roll

 Before starting, take it easy guys . This Cruella review does not contain any spoilers . So it's safe, boss!

After the success of the two Maleficent films , as a result, this makes Disney feel even more motivated and also convinced that a live-action film project from its classic animated villain film, can also provide a lucrative coffers of profit.

They automatically produced their second project, which now focuses on the origin story of the 101 Dalmatians villain , Cruella de Vill. It is quite unique and we did not expect the choice.

But if we think about it again, it's not too strange the choice. Because as we all know, from the beginning of its appearance through the animated film of those spotted dogs in 1961, even though we know what the villain 's intentions are, but overall we never know the exact background of his intentions.

Specifically, how did he initially intend to make Dalmatians dogs the material for his fashion products ? Then has he been evil since childhood? Now, through Cruella , we hope that everything will be answered.

Then is it answered satisfactorily? And also how the whole film is? Let's take a look at the Cruella review below.

Very Fun Origin Story

OK, I'll just answer the previous question. Cruella aka Estella Miller (Emma Stone) is basically not evil since childhood. However, she is more described as a woman who is tough and has strong principles.

That is, if he has intended to do something, he will definitely make it happen no matter what. Including when he was determined to become a famous fashion designer.

And in short, with her determination and the help of her two street friends: Jasper Badun (Joel Fry) and Horace Badun (Paul Walter Hauser), Estella was able to make her wish come true. He also successfully works at the fashion company owned by a top legend designer, Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson).

However, later due to a specific cause, Estella eventually became Cruella, which we can say is more antagonistic. But even so, even when he becomes Cruella, even though he looks a lot darker, we are still sympathetic to him.

The point is it's almost 11-12 with the origin of Arthur Fleck aka Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) in Joker (2019) first. But unlike the origin Joker , Cruella is certainly a little lighter and there is no blood splatter at all. And just like watching Joker , watching Cruella was fun from start to finish.

Anyway, if you like origin villains , Disney, 101 Dalmatians , or just want to be entertained, you can get everything from this film. There are no dull moments in this film. You will be thrilled yourself when you watch the film.

Double Emma = Double Greatness

The fun is even more pronounced with the amazing performances of the two main actresses, who are both named Emma. Thompson as Barones really makes us want to slap him in the face he..he.

The reason is that the Barones character looks much more “Cruel” than Cruella (come on, those who like or are good at punt words understand the quotes and how to read them he..he).

Although this may seem strange at first and a bit annoying , but seeing the more sympathetic background of Cruella's character, in the end we understand it. After all, once again, Thompson is really cool in playing his character.

His interaction with Stone is also very cool. Stone himself can adjust when to let this "twin" shine, and when to compete with him. And speaking of Stone's performance, WOW GUYS ! WOW! Stone has successfully transformed into his iconic Disney villain .

In more detail, he was successful in portraying two different faces and characters. When she became Estella, she succeeded in displaying an innocent and innocent look and mannerism like an assistant to an office boss in general.

And when Estella became Cruella, Stone successfully turned her acting 180or really like heaven and earth. When it comes to the film awards next year (Oscar or whatever), her performance as Cruella is not nominated, I don't know what else to say.

The British setting of the 70s is ridiculously insane

The positive aspect in Cruella 's review is further supported by the appearance of the 1970s British city setting which is very gokil. Anyway, when we watched it, we immediately felt like we were teleported to that decade.

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