Bohemian Rhapsody Review: A Flamboyant & Emotional Biopic

 If we think about it again, it's really “crazy” that a biopic about this legendary British Rock N' Roll band could be realized. How come? As we know, this Queen biopic film project is more than a decade in development.

And in that period of time, various kinds of drama and obstacles colored here and there. Starting from Sacha Baron Cohen ( Bruno, Borat ) whose vision as well as his desire to play the frontman , Freddie Mercury was not realized to the chaos behind the scenes that colored the filming process (read: Bryan Singer was fired).

Seeing all the chaos, once again, it is not surprising that many people are amazed and do not believe that the Bohemian Rhapsody film project can be realized.

But in the end, the film was released and what we can say, is the right decision when 20th Century FOX and the team decided to keep going despite the chaos / drama that colored it.


A nice biographical story to follow

Yep. In other words, here, Bohemian Rhapsody is a very enjoyable biopic .

Moreover, if geeks are basically fanboys of this flamboyant band. Indeed, this film only focuses on Queen's initial journey, which was originally a super bankrupt band to amaze the audience through their cool performance at the 1985 Live Aid event .

But the cool thing is, Singer ( X-Men ) and the substitute director, Dexter Fletcher ( Eddie the Eagle ), are able to process the order of the scenes very well.

It opens with the awakening of Freddie (Rami Malek) to prepare for a life-changing concert for himself and his band, then followed by a flashback of young Freddie in his early 70's, both of whom have successfully performed scene after scene very neatly.

The neatness displayed by Singer & Fletcher is also supported by an equally neat script written by Anthony McCarten ( The Theory of Everything ) which in the end, makes us enjoy following (more precisely, studying) the history of Freddie and the band's journey.

Not Too Accurate History

But regardless of the easy-to-follow plot, maybe for geeks who are fanboys of this band, they will feel a little bit disappointed by the inaccuracy of the appearance of the biographical story. And it can be said that there are quite a lot of inaccuracies.

One of them is when guitarist Brian May (Gwilym Lee) invites all his bandmates in the studio to create the sound of stamping their feet and clapping their hands which will later become the iconic applause in the song "We Will Rock You" (1977).

The inaccuracy here is of course the appearance of Malek as Freddie and Ben Hardy ( X-Men: Apocalypse ) as drummer Roger Taylor. The reason is that in the era of the creation of the song, Freddie in fact did not have a mustache and short hair. In addition, Taylor in this era has short hair.

Aside from these inaccuracies, we're pretty sure that the entire plot between Freddie and his lifelong girlfriend, Mary Austin (Lucy Boynton) isn't quite as sweet and bitter as it appears. But fortunately, this inaccuracy does not necessarily make viewing pleasure sluggish.

Freddie Mercury Movie Instead of Queen

In addition to the inaccurate re-creation of the scene / timeline , perhaps another negative aspect that is very visible in this film is that this film looks more like a film about Freddie than Queen.

Of course. Freddie and Queen are like water and food aka, their figures cannot be separated at all. But, if geeks still remember, both FOX, the cast and even the original Roger Taylor and Brian May figures, often say that this film is a film about Queen.

Alias, this film will focus on Queen's journey from before success to the day before D Live Aid 1985. Okay, this film keeps its promise. But ironically, still in the end, Freddie's life is highlighted more. Again we're not saying it's wrong.

But considering the promise that had been promised earlier, this film should have been more balanced in the division of portions of each character and story.

 Fortunately, these shortcomings are covered by the appearance of the entire cast , which can be said to be very successful as the characters they play. And of all, it was Malek who really stole the show from start to finish.

Watching him both his physical transformation and his acting when playing young or middle-aged Freddie, is really like seeing the figure of Freddie rising from the grave. Freddie oops sorry Malek, successfully displays Freddie's flamboyance and vulnerability.

Freddie as we all know is super secretive, shy and only his closest friends and family know about it. But when on stage, he becomes a very different 180 degrees. Malek is once again very successful in displaying the range of differences shown.

Without his brilliant performance as Freddie, we're pretty sure this film wouldn't be as cool as it appears.

So don't be surprised at all if at the upcoming 2019 Oscars, Malek is successfully nominated as one of the best actors and it's not impossible that he will take home the award.

In the end, despite the historical inaccuracies and some other flaws , Bohemian Rhapsody is a very enjoyable Queen biopic and certainly very satisfying for all the band's fans .

It can even be said that non- fans are guaranteed to like the film. Singer, Fletcher, FOX and the band themselves, are sure to feel super proud of the cool achievements this super ambitious project has achieved. This film is not only successful in showing us that the figure of Freddie and this band is the champion of Rock N' Roll world.

Moreover, Bohemian Rhapsody has also succeeded in showing that despite all the behind-the-scenes drama that happened, this film (especially Singer) remains in the end, coming out as a champion figure in this very hard life.

So for those of you who are Queen fans who haven't seen Bohemian Rhapsody , what are you waiting for? Just step on the gas to the nearest cinema and feel the magic of the best forntman of all time.

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