Belli Ciao conquers the New Year's box office in front of the Matrix and Spider-Man

 It made its debut at the cinema on New Year's Eve and immediately jumped to the top of the box office Belli Ciao, the comedy with Pio and Amedeo.

It made its debut at the cinema on New Year's Eve and immediately jumped to the top of the box office Belli Ciao , the new comedy with Pio and Amedeo directed by Gennaro Nunziante. On the first day of release "Belli Ciao" has totaled a collection of € 489,739 with n. 383 screens (Cinetel data) and an average cinema equal to € 1,279, the highest ever, also beating the other rookie, the science fiction Matrix Resurrections (€ 414,169) , and Spider-Man: No Way Home (387,608) which reaches share 19.7 million, both US films had a higher number of copies than "Belli Ciao". The fourth place is occupied by another New Year's debutante, the comedy Me against you - Lost in time (€ 403,232).

"I hope that seeing an Italian film at the top of the box office on the first day of 2022 is a good omen for our entire community and our film market" - commented producer Lorenzo Mieli for Fremantle - "I am therefore particularly happy with the result. from Belli Ciao on its first day of programming and I thank Gennaro Nunziante, Pio and Amedeo for giving us a funny and intelligent comedy. I am also grateful to Vision for believing in this film from day one. "

Massimiliano Orfei, CEO of Vision Distribution, reiterated: “We are really happy with Belli Ciao's leadership at the New Year's box office. I want to congratulate Gennaro and Pio and Amedeo, because this success, in such a difficult moment of the market, was by no means taken for granted and confirms the strength of Italian comedy at the box office. I also want to express our gratitude to Lorenzo Mieli and to all of Fremantle for having believed in Vision. "

The top 10 of New Year's Eve

1. Belli Ciao: € 489.739

2. Matrix Resurrections: € 414.169

3. Me against you - Lost in time: € 403.232

4. Spider-Man - No Way Home: € 387.608

5. House of Gucci: € 169.309

6. Diabolik: 100.960 €

7. Sing 2: 92.574 €

8. 7 women and a mystery: 77.823 €

9. The witch comes at night 2 - The origins: 67.324 €

10. Who framed Santa Claus ?: 62.090 €

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