Arcane: Various Hanging Mysteries in Season 1!

 Arcane  is one of the Netflix series that just finished broadcasting on November 20 yesterday. Running with three acts totaling 9 episodes, Arcane tells the story of the war between the sophisticated cities of Piltover and Zaun which envelops the story of Vi and Jinx's loving brotherhood. Although adapted from the MOBA game League of Legends, Riot Game seems to be quite serious in working on Arcane, this is evidenced by the almost perfect quality of the show


Arcane's success can be considered as one of Netflix's most surprising successes of 2021. Apart from the fun story, there are many other factors that make the series so interesting, including the stunning animation and the catchy soundtrack. With all that the Arcane series has to offer, it turns out that there are still some unanswered mysteries in Season 1, which of course triggers a lot of questions from fans. What are the hanging mysteries in Arcane Season 1? Check it out below.

The Beginning of Silco and Vander's Feud

Although Arcane  's main focus is on the tragic story of Vi and Jinx, and how they both finally got up, in Season 1, the plot of the story is mostly built on the story of the feud between Silco and Vander. The question is what really happened to Silco and Vander's past that they now hate each other?


Even though at first the two of them were allies who had the same ideals, namely to unite the undercity and establish the Nation of Zaun. The scene that shows Vander's betrayal of Silco is still not enough to reveal the reason why Vander did this. The wound in Silco's left eye is also briefly described as the result of Vander's attack which attacked Silco and drowned him in the undercity river which was filled with toxic waste, but again this did not explain why Vander had such a grudge against Silco.

Singed's Real Purpose


Shimmer is one of the inventions that can make its users stronger. The inventor is none other than Singed, one of the most mysterious characters. Despite Shimmer being the most sought after addictive drug, it is not explained why Singed created the drug. Because as can be seen throughout Arcane Season 1, Singed doesn't seem very interested in power and money. So what is Singed's real purpose? Is he just a crazy inventor who just keeps on experimenting with no apparent purpose? Arcane Season 1 still can't answer it.

Empire of Noxus motivation

In addition to the Nation of Zoan, Arcane also shows another side where the Nation of Piltover is told as a sophisticated city founded by people who fled from war wizards. Interestingly, at the end of the episode it is also revealed that out there is another, much bigger and more sophisticated faction, namely the Empire of Noxus led by Ambessa Medarda who is famous for his cruelty and also his manipulation of Jayce to create Hextech.

However, if the hostility between Piltover and Zaun forces the two nations to continue to strengthen their respective cities, then what is the motivation for the Empire of Noxus to strengthen its empire? Ambessa only explained that there was a strong man who was likely aiming for the heads of the imperial members, but who was that man?

Sky Research

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Sky is a research assistant who is very loyal to Viktor, secretly it turns out that Sky has also had a dream to develop his own research. When Sky dies horribly while Viktor uses Hextech, a guilty Viktor seems intent on realizing Sky's research dreams. However, what exactly was the research Sky was planning to do? If Hextech is described as a combination of magic and technology that everyone desires, will “Skytech” be much more powerful than that? For now the answer is still a mystery.

The fate of the Nation of Zaun

In Arcane, after Vander is shown to be tragically dead in episode 3, Silco appears and begins to replace him as the leader of the undercity in his own way. The peace that has been maintained by Vander must be destroyed after Silco cooperates with the crimelords and makes the war between Piltover and Zaun unstoppable.

And after Silco is also shown dead, now that the Nation of Zaun has no one to lead the war with Piltover, who will take the role? Is it Jinx or someone else? Because like it or not, the Zaunites must find a replacement for Silco as their new leader.

Those are the 5 hanging mysteries that are still unanswered in Arcane Season 1. With so many mysteries still to be answered, it has become imperative for Riot Games and Netflix to continue the story with Arcane Season 2. Because only then can these mysteries be solved. So far, no related party has given an official statement regarding Arcane Season 2. However, if you look at the large number of Arcane  fans , Season 2 will most likely be worked on.

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