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EXCLUSIVE: Which Jack Reacher Wins In A Fight? (Tom Cruise vs Alan Ritchson)

Based on the best selling novels, Reacher is a brand new series coming to Amazon Prime Video. The series has cast Alan Ritchson in the role as Jack Reacher. If you’re interested, you can read our spoiler-free review for season 1 of Reacher. We recently got a chance to speak ... [Read More]

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EXCLUSIVE: Which Jack Reacher Wins In A Fight? (Tom Cruise vs Alan Ritchson)

Based on the best selling novels, Reacher is a brand new series coming to Amazon Prime Video. The series has cast Alan Ritchson in the role as Jack Reacher. If you’re interested, you can read our spoiler-free review for season 1 of Reacher. We recently got a chance to speak ... [Read More]

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REACHER Review: Alan Ritchson Makes Jack Reacher Larger Than Life

Reacher follows Jack Reacher, a veteran military police investigator who has just recently entered civilian life. Reacher is a drifter, carrying no phone and the barest of essentials as he travels the country and explores the nation he once served. When Reacher arrives in the small town of Margrave, Georgia, ... [Read More]

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MOONFALL Chicago Advance Screening and Giveaway

Hey Chicago! Did you want to see MOONFALL, starring Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson? Would you like to see it early and free? Here’s your chance to attend the free advance screening of MOONFALL.  As an added bonus, the kind folks at Lionsgate are including a bonus prize pack giveaway ... [Read More]

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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) Review: Many Weaknesses, But Super Fun

 "Watch at the cinema or not, huh?" Well , instead of being confused, just take a look at the following Wonder Woman 1984 review .

There is no denying one of the dilemmas we are experiencing due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic . Is deciding whether to go to the cinema or not? Especially for the sequel to Wonder Woman (2017).

Yes how not? Despite getting mostly unfavorable reviews, it's still a Wonder Woman man movie !

Especially for those of us who are DC fanboys . Wow, it doesn't feel "legitimate" if you don't watch Wonder Woman 1984 on the big screen. Even though it is. The film also released on December 25, 2020 on HBO Max.

So, are we worth sacrificing all of our physical health, or is it better to just watch Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max?

More Cheerful and Light

Let's open this Wonder Woman 1984 review by thanking and applauding its director, Patty Jenkins.

WOW! It's not easy , guys , from the same director to direct a superhero sequel . As we see in the field. Many directors return to the same superhero franchise , but disappoint at their second attempt.

Luckily, Jenkins realized this and, arguably, managed to get out of that typical hole. Through his hands again, Wonder Woman 1984 , feels much more cheerful ( fun ) and for me personally, easier to digest.

Even the backstory of the villains , aka Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) and Cheetah (Kristen Wiig), also feels much clearer and makes sense. Alias ​​is not like Ares (David Thewlis) who feels "immediate" in the first film.

80s Background Just A Gimmick

And the cheerful and colorful impression is also felt through the background of the 80s decade (1984) that was carried. Starting from clothes, hairdos, and even malls and arcade machines , the cheerful 80s nostalgia is enough to make us smile nostalgically ourselves.

But unfortunately this background is nothing more than a gimmick / "patch" only. It's just, "hey, this film is set in 1984, and here are the typical attributes of that era". That's it .

Even though the timeline background is in a film. In essence, it's not just like that. There needs to be a strong reason why the film displays its timeline setting in that decade or year?

And for the case of Wonder Woman 1984 , it is necessary to show that there is an important moment in what happened to Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in 1984.

OK, there are moments. Namely he stopped the action of Maxwell Lord as we have seen in the trailer or YouTube clip. Take actions that threaten the safety of the world.

Vampirski dnevnici Dara iz Jasenovca Quo Vadis, Aida

Not Entering the DCEU Continuity?

But the problem here is that this film is still part of the continuity of the previous DCEU films.

Then why is it that in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), it is at least notified that Wonder Woman once saved the world through an event in this film?

The thing is that all the chaos events carried out by this Lord are really seen and felt. Alas, there is no moment in the film where Wonder Woman or Lord uses powers or tools that can reset all memories.

So it should be in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice or Justice League (2017). There was one character (anyone) who at that time at least felt like he had remembered what Diana did in this film.

And what emphasizes the most is that "1984" is only to explain the year of the event . It is not well-involved real-world historical elements that occurred in that year.

As we know, this year the Cold War is still going on between the United States and the Soviet Union. Indeed, that element is displayed. But yes, it was just a patch.

It's very different from the previous X-Men: First Class (2011). This X-Men prequel/ reboot film is brilliant in combining the X-Men fiction/fantasy story with the real-life situation of Cold War at that time.

Less Strong Conflict Motive

Another drawback that really bothers me is the conflict motive between Diana and a less powerful villain .

So the motive or source of this whole mess (without any explicit spoilers ) is a “magic thing”. And because of the power this thing has, the three characters of this film are after it for different purposes.

Indeed, for the purposes of the Lord and Cheetah to use this object, it made a lot of sense. Especially the Lord's motive, really emotional. And for Cheetah well , still tolerable.

Because the Cheetah motif is very relatable to those of us who may have been (or are) often bullied in the past . But Diana's motives? Well , indeed his motive gives him a big advantage

But at the same time, his motive is to actually give a fatal loss, this fatal loss that befell him, could be avoided. If I were in Diana's position, I wouldn't want to have her motives. Just because of emotions, the strongest aspects of me just disappear.

Honestly, I prefer the motives / reasons for the conflict between Diana and Ares in the first film. Even though the Ares seems like an impromptu one, at least the motive for the conflict between the two is much simpler and doesn't insult the audience.

Gadot the Wonder Woman We Are All

In fact, there are several other important aspects that are very disturbing. But never mind, you better watch the film first. Isn't it fun if everything is explained?

After all, why focus on the negative. Let's focus again on the more positive aspects. And the next positive aspect, is the cool appearance of all the actors.

The appearance of them all, successfully covered all the shortcomings and existing clichés. Especially Gadot as Wonder Woman who just gets more beautiful. And yes, it looks even cuter in this film.

In Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice we are still okay. In Wonder Woman , I started to really like it. And in Justice League (2017), we finally got used to it. So in Wonder Woman 1984 , we already think of her as "our / the one & only Wonder Woman" .

GOKIL! Her figure can make us forget the legendary first Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter. Gadot as Diana is much more relatable , tough, charismatic, just like in the comics and animated series.

His chemistry with Chris Pine who again plays Steve Trevor is also getting gokil. I'm confused, why aren't the two of them actually dating? Because it fits really well.

Pascal as Lord need not be asked. Want to be a god who made a mistake and showed his face. Or, playing Din Djarin behind his Mandalorian helmet, Pascal is really cool.

What really should be discussed here is Wiig as a Cheetah. OH MY GOD! I don't think so. Wiig who incidentally is better known as a comedian. Really successful showing qualified acting skills.

Wiig is increasingly successful in proving that comedians can also be intense and serious. Absolutely perfect casting !

If You Can Watch in the Cinema

So what is the conclusion of the Wonder Woman 1984 review? Isn't it worth it for us to watch movies in theaters during this pandemic?

Yes, in my personal opinion. It's up to you. But if I suggest this. If it is possible / possible. Watch it at the cinema. Because it's true what all the reviewers on YouTube say.

All of the visual content shown in Wonder Woman 1984 was designed to be seen in theaters. And in my opinion during the pandemic, which incidentally has minimal cinema releases, this film is still okay to watch in theaters.

But if you still have doubts (fear of being ugly) even though you've read this Wonder Woman 1984 review , just watch it from HBO Max or from any media that you like.

Either way , Wonder Woman 1984 isn't super perfect. But it is still successful in providing super positive and positive energy in this world that is still super apprehensive.

5 Movie Moments That We Finally See After So Long Waiting

 Here are 5 movie moments that we finally got to see after a long wait for this to happen.

If we think about it, there are also many movie moments (especially serial ones / franchises ) that we want to happen but unfortunately, it hasn't happened until now.

But at the same time, there are also many movie moments that we want, which finally happened even though we had to wait a long time. So, here are 5 moments that we finally see after a long wait for this to happen.

5. Yoda Fights With the Lightsaber (Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones)

The film moment that we finally see after a long wait for the first, is the Jedi Master Yoda (Frank Oz) who finally, fights using his lightsaber .

Yes, since watching his figure in Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and 2 films after it: Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi (1983) and Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (1999), we have not been denied feel curious.

Specifically, we are very curious about his strength as well as his ability to fight.

And after waiting for 2 decades, finally the awaited scene happened in Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones (2002). Faced with his own former student (padawan) Count Dooku (Sir Christopher Lee), Yoda fights very gokil.

In addition to his always cool force , Yoda's lightsaber ability is successful in making us gape. It is very agile, effortless. Really shows at the same time in accordance with the predicate of the master it carries.

Vampirski dnevnici Dara iz Jasenovca Quo Vadis, Aida

4. Freddy Krueger VS Jason Voorhees (Freddy VS Jason)

It's like waiting for Batman and Superman to fight, that's how horror movie fans feel about Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger.

With each of them being the main villains of the top horror franchises : Friday the 13 th and A Nightmare on the Elm Street and of course, both of them being "slasher maniacs" , once again it's no wonder that many fans are eager to see the two fighting each other. .

And after waiting for 2 decades, finally the moment of this classic film, we also see through the second cross-over film entitled: Freddy vs. Jason (2003).

Although overall the film is not really cool (just fun ), but the audience / fans feel satisfied. Because the fight between the two is very entertaining and very memorable .

3. Batman VS Superman (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)

So, speaking of Batman VS Superman, our fantasy to see these two DC superhero frontmen fighting on the big screen came true in 2016.

Through one of the Worlds of DC aka DCEU film series, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), we watch Batman (Ben Affleck) fight against his DC superhero partner, Superman (Henry Cavill).

The fight between the two can be said to be quite satisfying though, it could be more. It's just a shame the overall arrangement of the film is so messy that, this geeky moment we've been waiting for so long feels super anticlimactic.

Oh yeah, don't remind me again with the problem of the baper crisis with their respective mothers, okay?

2. Harry Potter Finally Fights Voldemort (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2)

Yep, this is the movie moment that we finally see after a long wait and, after years of watching the Harry Potter films .

After going through various magical and tragic adventures, The Boy Who Lived finally fights and defeats his immortal enemy, Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes).

And every scene as well as the moment of the fight between the two can be said to be very epic and emotional. And when Harry finally defeated Voldy, it was undeniable that everything felt really cool and complete. It's very long.

1. Spider-Man Finally Debuts in the MCU (Captain America: Civil War)

Although Harry VS Voldemort is a movie moment that we finally see too, but the level is still far from this moment.

Yep, it's undeniable that we have waited 8 years for Spider-Man to join the Marvel cinematic world aka the MCU . This is because of course we want to see him in action with Captain America, Iron Man, and other Marvel superheroes .

And finally the moment came when his figure appeared in the 13th MCU film, Captain America: Civil War (2016). Played by young British actor Tom Holland, his Spidey character was immediately well received by all fans .

Besides Holland being very fitting and genius as Spidey, the moment of Spidey's appearance in the film is also displayed very fittingly and very memorable .

Honest Thief Review: Bank Thief For the sake of idols

 Liam Neeson ( Taken ) is back to being a badass figure in Honest Thief . And now he plays the role of a sincere and honest  bank thief to woo his idol.

Wow, this is unique. But isn't the film cool? Well, just take a look at the following review

All for love

As already said. Honest Thief tells the story of Neeson's character, Tom Dolan who is very good at breaking into all bank vaults in all cities and states of the United States.

Anyway, in carrying out his actions he was never caught, aka "clean". To the point, he was nicknamed, In-and-Out-Bandit .

But when he finally meets and falls in love with a beautiful warehouse keeper, Annie Wilkins (Kate Walsh), he immediately decides to "convert". Anyway, he doesn't want to be a thief anymore.

So to show his intentions, he also contacted the local police and asked them to arrest him and he later returned all the stolen money to the FBI.

But like in similar films, of course, even though they have good intentions, there are still big obstacles that stand in their way.

And the obstacle, in fact, is from two FBI agents who come to arrest him: John Nivens (Jai Courtney) and Ramon Hall (Anthony Ramos).

The two, who were supposed to be doing their job, turned 180 degrees to steal back all of Tom's stolen money. And from here finally all the chaos ( chaos ) occurs.

Intruiging Premise That Ends Ordinarily

From the plot, maybe we will frown a little. Specifically, we will feel strange with the development of the main premise, which in fact, is very imaginative .

And indeed guys . That's what I feel too. The premise of this "bank thief insyaf" is very different ( fresh ) but in the end it feels like most films or episodes of most police procedural serials .

The ending was predictable. But fortunately, director Mark Williams ( A Family Man ), is still okay in executing all the drama and action scenes that are shown. So this super standard plot still feels exciting.

Yes, very honest. I just feel confused, why did Williams and his co-writer, Steve Allrich ( Bad Karma ) not maximize or make a difference in their super generic plot?

Vampirski dnevnici Dara iz Jasenovca Quo Vadis, Aida

Maybe say, Tom was also toying with his FBI agent for his more cunning purposes but, when in front of Annie, he appeared like an "angel". Yes, it's a bit general too, but at least it's much better than what is presented in this film.

Fortunately, once again, the action scenes are still exciting. If not, it can be even more boring  when you watch it.

Courtney is more suited to be the antagonist

And of course the entertaining action aspect cannot be separated from Neeson, who again and again, at the age of 68, is still gokil and badass . His distinctive intensity was really still visible.

As for the dramatic acting aspect, there seems to be no need to doubt it. What surprised me here was Walsh and Courtney. I rarely watch Grey's Anatomy let alone Walsh's previous films.

But WOW. Besides still looking tempting, this 53-year-old actress looks very cool here. He succeeded in showing the figure of Annie who was filled with confusion but also wanted to show her tough side as Tom's companion.

The tek-tok of his acting with Neeson was also quite good. And Courtney, after watching his role here, I believe that this Australian actor is indeed much cooler playing the antagonist.

Actually in The Divergent franchise , he already demonstrated this with his Eric Coulter role. But unfortunately at that time, many audiences were still not noticed .

Fortunately in this film, he managed to make us really excited. So that it is guaranteed to be able to confirm that Courtney once again, really fits the antagonist role.

Unfortunately his partner, Ramos, is not as cool as Courtney. In fact, if I'm honest, his appearance in this film is very annoying . Luckily once again, there was Neeson who saved everything.

Very suitable for those who like action

n the end, the film, which is still showing on the XXI cinema network, cannot be expected to be a WOW or class A super action drama film.

This film, is a standard action drama film that we have seen the premise and scenes of before.

But indeed for a film that makes us have fun, release boredom, this Honest Thief film is really okay!

The Conjuring Review: The Devil Made Me Do It, More Dramatic But Less Scary

 Before starting, take it easy guys . This review of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It does not contain any spoilers . So yes, it's safe, boss!

Since knowing the basic plot of the third Conjuring film, I immediately felt unbelievably excited . Because this film is based on the true story of one of the murders that shocked the United States in the early 80s.

Specifically, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do it , focuses on the murder committed by Arne Cheyenne Johnson against his employer, Alan Bono. Now what made this murder case a scene was Bono's confession, who at that time admitted that he did it because “the devil made him / ordered him to do it.

In short, after initially the court and some people did not believe, finally the legendary demonological couple, Ed & Lorraine Warren stepped in to help. And sure enough. As a result, Arne, who initially received a life sentence, only served a sentence of 5 years.

Showcasing Some Unexposed Aspects

Well the inspiration base is displayed all-out in this film. But of course, it is added with aspects that were not previously disclosed. Like the actions of the two Warren partners to help solve this case.

Then there are also small aspects, such as how Arne (Ruairi O' Connor) got his start and background to carry out his sadistic murder, and even the health problems experienced by Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) which became the cool supporting plot for the film.

But regardless, how about the whole thing? Is The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It , as cool as its previous two main films?

Lots of Drama, Spooky Down

Yes, as you read through the review title of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It , it's cooler or not depending on your own typical audience. I mean, what was your motivation to watch this film?

Do you want the spooky or dramatic plot? If you want to get a dramatic plot, congratulations, you will be very satisfied. Because even if there are slight modifications (very few), you will be satisfied with the story behind the top murder case.

Then you will also be satisfied with the sub-plot which tells further the story of the early relationship of Ed & Lorraine. And also as previously explained, the film is also successful in bringing Ed's health problems into the overall story. Alias, don't just pass or force it.

But if you prefer the horror aspect, you might not be satisfied. But again remember, horror is just like comedy. Or in other words, subjective. So you might think The Conjuring 3 is just as scary as the two previous films.

But for me, even though there are some good jump scare moments , overall, this film is not that scary. Even The Nun (2018) and The Curse of La Llorona (2019) which also have the same director, Michael Chaves, are still far more heart-wrenching.

Very ironic and funny. In the past for me , The Curse of La Llorona won in the spooky aspect but the plot, MEH! But when Chaves tackled The Devil Made Me Do It , it's actually the opposite now. Life is really funny and really rollercoaster , guys !

Saved By Brilliant Performance

Well, fortunately, the aspect of this deficiency was saved by the brilliant performance of all the actors.

Especially of course the duo Wilson and Farmiga. Both as Ed & Lorraine are choices that are not wrong at all from the start. Even for the appearance of these three, both of them already look very comfortable.

Anyway, it just looks easier. And for the individual appearance of each is also equally strong. So yep, it looks like we don't have to spend too much time assessing the performance of the two.

Better let's just assess the newcomer actors. And overall, everything is cool too. Especially O' Connor as his Johnson. Playing a real person who kills because he is in a trance, of course, is not easy. And also acting suddenly aware and regret is also not easy.

But the cool thing is that O' Connor has succeeded in performing the acting. Even those of us who witnessed it became sad and horrified ourselves with it. Seeing this appearance, let's just pray that O' Connor will appear in other big film projects in the future.

Better Watch Through HBO Max Only

So the conclusion of the review of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It , if you are a fanboy of this franchise, please watch it on the big screen (but REMEMBER to keep implementing health protocols!).

But if you're more of a normal person, who wants to catch up with the spooky ones, you should just stream it via HBO Max. But yeah, it really depends on you. If you feel that it's cheaper to go to the cinema than a short subscription to HBO, then you don't want to go to the cinema. Adjust it to your sikon, guys !

Cruella Review: Disney's Sympathetic Origin Villain and Rock N' Roll

 Before starting, take it easy guys . This Cruella review does not contain any spoilers . So it's safe, boss!

After the success of the two Maleficent films , as a result, this makes Disney feel even more motivated and also convinced that a live-action film project from its classic animated villain film, can also provide a lucrative coffers of profit.

They automatically produced their second project, which now focuses on the origin story of the 101 Dalmatians villain , Cruella de Vill. It is quite unique and we did not expect the choice.

But if we think about it again, it's not too strange the choice. Because as we all know, from the beginning of its appearance through the animated film of those spotted dogs in 1961, even though we know what the villain 's intentions are, but overall we never know the exact background of his intentions.

Specifically, how did he initially intend to make Dalmatians dogs the material for his fashion products ? Then has he been evil since childhood? Now, through Cruella , we hope that everything will be answered.

Then is it answered satisfactorily? And also how the whole film is? Let's take a look at the Cruella review below.

Very Fun Origin Story

OK, I'll just answer the previous question. Cruella aka Estella Miller (Emma Stone) is basically not evil since childhood. However, she is more described as a woman who is tough and has strong principles.

That is, if he has intended to do something, he will definitely make it happen no matter what. Including when he was determined to become a famous fashion designer.

And in short, with her determination and the help of her two street friends: Jasper Badun (Joel Fry) and Horace Badun (Paul Walter Hauser), Estella was able to make her wish come true. He also successfully works at the fashion company owned by a top legend designer, Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson).

However, later due to a specific cause, Estella eventually became Cruella, which we can say is more antagonistic. But even so, even when he becomes Cruella, even though he looks a lot darker, we are still sympathetic to him.

The point is it's almost 11-12 with the origin of Arthur Fleck aka Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) in Joker (2019) first. But unlike the origin Joker , Cruella is certainly a little lighter and there is no blood splatter at all. And just like watching Joker , watching Cruella was fun from start to finish.

Anyway, if you like origin villains , Disney, 101 Dalmatians , or just want to be entertained, you can get everything from this film. There are no dull moments in this film. You will be thrilled yourself when you watch the film.

Double Emma = Double Greatness

The fun is even more pronounced with the amazing performances of the two main actresses, who are both named Emma. Thompson as Barones really makes us want to slap him in the face he..he.

The reason is that the Barones character looks much more “Cruel” than Cruella (come on, those who like or are good at punt words understand the quotes and how to read them he..he).

Although this may seem strange at first and a bit annoying , but seeing the more sympathetic background of Cruella's character, in the end we understand it. After all, once again, Thompson is really cool in playing his character.

His interaction with Stone is also very cool. Stone himself can adjust when to let this "twin" shine, and when to compete with him. And speaking of Stone's performance, WOW GUYS ! WOW! Stone has successfully transformed into his iconic Disney villain .

In more detail, he was successful in portraying two different faces and characters. When she became Estella, she succeeded in displaying an innocent and innocent look and mannerism like an assistant to an office boss in general.

And when Estella became Cruella, Stone successfully turned her acting 180or really like heaven and earth. When it comes to the film awards next year (Oscar or whatever), her performance as Cruella is not nominated, I don't know what else to say.

The British setting of the 70s is ridiculously insane

The positive aspect in Cruella 's review is further supported by the appearance of the 1970s British city setting which is very gokil. Anyway, when we watched it, we immediately felt like we were teleported to that decade.

Amazon Prime’s REACHER Advance Screening

Did you want to see REACHER, starring Alan Ritchson? Would you like to see it early and free? You’re invited to a free virtual advance screening of the first two episodes of Amazon Studios’ upcoming action-packed TV show, REACHER.  As an added bonus, this screening will include a special pre-recorded ... [Read More]

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Malignant Review: James Wan's Unexpected New Horror Original

 This Malignant review will not contain any SPOILERS .

James Wan . Yes, who is not immediately excited when they hear the name and figure of this Australian horror director? This director of Malaysian descent is always synonymous with original horror works which are really cool.

Or even if it's not horror, the 44-year-old director still makes the films he directs, still looking fantastic. Just look at Aquaman (2018) as one real example. For his involvement, Aquaman at that time succeeded in repairing the image of the DCEU which had already been destroyed in the eyes of critics and fans .

So with this statement, it's no wonder that we too are super excited to welcome Wan's latest original horror work. Some media and critics who have watched it since yesterday, have super mixed responses to Malignant .

So to be honest, it made me, who was a horror film lover since birth, worried. But at the same time I still want to be positive. Because this is JAMES WAN! Is the movie not cool? So how is this cool or not or what? Just take a look at the following Malignannt review .

The Woman Who Always Haunted

Okay, before going into the review , I will first tell you the plot of this film so you don't get confused. Malignant tells the story of a woman named Madison Lake (Annabelle Wallis). She has long been married to her husband, Derek Mitchell (Jake Abel).

Madison is now pregnant. And it was revealed that she had been pregnant several times before, but unfortunately always miscarried. Well one day after he got into an argument with Derek, Madison had a bleeding head.

But somehow even though he had treated the bleeding, the blood was still dripping. Then somehow after the incident, his house always experienced supernatural events.

Yes, you can already guess what supernatural events I mean, such as: the lights flicker, Madison looks like she's seeing a shadowy figure, and mystical "home" events in general.

Well all of this ended with Madison's constant fear and curiosity. Even this incident also led to the death of close relatives and other people around him. Wow, what kind of supernatural event actually happened? Does it have anything to do with Madison?

Super Short Review

Maybe I can say, this Malignant review will be a fairly short film review in the history of Dafunda's review . Why? Because all aspects of this film including the genre of the film are also SPOILERS!

Yes, if you have watched it, you will agree with that statement. In essence, Malignant is better for us to see for ourselves. Anyway, once again, if you've watched it, you'll understand why I'm saying this.

Wan's Newest Original Work That Is Very Unique

Maybe what I can say in this Malignant review is, this film is the most unique original James Wan film. But this uniqueness is not to the taste of all audiences and even Wan fans as usual.

Yes, we do still get the look and feel of the typical horror film Wan. Like the jumpscare angles that make you sweat, the "right" ones (there's something scary when you jumpscare ), and mystery after mystery that makes you curious like detectives until the end of the film.

But at the same time, as the film progresses, we will suddenly feel confused and amazed by the choices that Wan chooses. I guarantee that you will exclaim, “yeah”, “how come”, “what the hell?”, “hmmmm”, “still okay”, “exciting”, and others.

The point is, once again, it will be mixed because some will like it and some will not like Wan's choice. But in the end, for me personally, all the decisions that Wan made still look right, okay, and fun .

Annabelle Wallis the Best Scream Queen Right Now

Do you understand the term scream queen in the horror genre shutter ? Yes, Scream Queen means a horror actress who is considered to have a very good scream. Anyway, when he shouted, we as the audience were also carried away by the danger he was facing.

Or it could also mean, actresses who are subscribed and always cool in horror films.

And names like: Jamie Lee Curtis ( Halloween ), Janet Leigh ( Psycho ), and Neve Campbell ( Scream ), are some examples of scream queens . And in fact, many successful actresses today fall into this category.

But of all, it seems for now, no one beats Annabelle Wallis. Not only does he regularly appear in horror films (especially Wan's films), he also has a fantastic scream or "money" in terms of his entertainment business .

His screaming voice in this film is absolutely fantastic. I guarantee that if he screams like in this film in our house, a neighbor or even a village will come to our house immediately. And to support his cool scream, Wallis' performance in this film is also fantastic.

We can say, his performance as Madison in this film, is the best performance in Wallis career so far.

Still Entertaining Even If Not 100% Perfect

With this Malignant review , we can conclude that this film is not 100% perfect like James Wan's previous original films.

The choices and exploration that he chooses in this film once again, will not suit all fans . So don't expect this and that. A bit low expectations before watching the film. However, Malignant is still very entertaining.

For those of you who are horror fans or Wan fans , or both, you will still find fun entertainment when watching it. Hopefully this Malignant review can give you the right decision whether you want to watch it through the cinema, or via online / streaming only.

Jungle Cruise Review (2021): Much More Fun Than Pirates of the Caribbean

 Maybe this is a super subjective statement. But for me, the hit fantasy film franchise , Pirates of the Caribbean (2003-2017), is too complicated for us to digest.

In fact, if we look again, the adventure story of the gokil Rocker pirate Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), has a fun and light concept and premise. But for some reason, the light story looks and feels complicated (complexed).

Moreover, if we remember, the franchise is an adaptation of one of the rides in Disney theme parks. Now seeing this fact, it's no wonder then, I immediately got worried. The reason is, Jungle Cruise is also an adaptation of rides that are also available at Disney theme parks.

But despite feeling traumatized, at the same time I still have super positive hopes. Because first, this isn't Pirates of the Caribbean . Then second, the film features a super charismatic WWE actor and star, The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson.

And oh yeah, besides that, this Jaume Collet-Serra ( Orphan, Run All Night ) film features Emily Blunt ( Mary Poppins Returns ). Whether you're a Blunt fan or not, of course we know that this beautiful actress from London, England is always cool in every appearance.

And it is proven, that optimism produces very beautiful results. So from this statement, we can conclude that Jungle Cruise is a cool film. In fact, better than Pirates of the Caribbean . And yep, this is true.

But before explaining further why the film is cool, let's first look at the plot discussion of the following Jungle Cruise Review .

Pain Cure Flower Leaves

Jungle Cruise is set in 1916 and, tells the story of a botanist, Dr. Lily Houghton (Blunt). He was obsessed with convincing all British science academics of the power of Tears of the Moon .

What are Tears of the Moon ? None other than, is a tree whose flower leaves are believed to be able to heal all diseases and various injuries in an instant. Now the reason Lily desperately wants to convince, is so that she can help advance medical personnel in this world.

In addition, he also wanted to help all British soldiers who were fighting on the battlefields of World War 1. However, because of the nature of the tree and its leaves, which clearly looked "naughty" , none of the scientific academics believed or supported Lily's determination. .

But Lily was still determined to prove it. In short, he and his younger brother, MacGregor Houghton (Jack Whitehall) decide to go to the Amazon. This is because, Tears of the Moon are believed to be in that place.

So to get to the Amazon, both of them have to transit in Brazil first. When they arrived in Brazil, they met the captain of the cruise ship , Frank Wolff (Johnson). At first Frank refused to take the two of them. But after going through various dramas and convincing actions here and there, Frank agreed.

However, the two of them certainly did not go as smoothly as they thought. There are just these kinds of obstacles. Not to mention, Lily and Frank often argued with each other during the trip.

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Xem phim Chủng Tộc Bất Tử Vietsub

That's not enough, a respected figure from Germany, Prince Joachim (Jesse Plemons), is also eyeing his Tears of the Moon . As a result, chases and fights are unavoidable.

Then, how is the continuation of the action of fighting for Tears of the Moon ? Well , just go to your favorite cinema to find out.

Fun and Not Disturbed

As I explained in the first paragraph of this Jungle Cruise review , I say this film is much better than Pirates of the Caribbean . And this, again, is not a hoax.

Even from the beginning of the film, we can immediately digest and understand the plot of the story. And this is increasingly felt as the plot of the story goes. And more importantly, unlike the POC plot which sometimes feels "forced" , the Jungle Cruise plot makes a lot of sense.

Of course, this positive aspect cannot be separated from Serra's cold hands as a director. If I watched from the beginning, for some reason every film he handled ended up really well.

Yes, you just look at the phenomenal horror film 2009, Orphan , and also his work with several films starring Liam Neeson ( Run All Night, Non-Stop, The Commuter ).

And considering that Serra will also direct the DCEU film, Black Adam , which also features Johnson as the main star. So, we can be sure that the film of Shazam's arch enemy will be just as fun.

Chemistry Gokil Johnson & Blunt

Another positive aspect that I can mention in this Jungle Cruise review , is Johnson and Blunt 's chemistry . The two of them have chemistry that we don't expect, really gokil.

The two of them successfully competed with each other in funny and playful acting with each of their characters who were both tough. Anyway, we really don't think so.

The reason is, when we see Blunt and Johnson, who do of us think that the two are the right on-screen couple ? But yes, in fact, this is what happened. I really hope that Jungle Cruise , is not the first and last project of the two.

Because Johnson and Blunt, we can say, are a really cool new comedic duo. The potential for fabric success is enormous. Oh yes, one more thing I should not forget to mention, is composer James Newton Howard ( The Bourne Legacy ).

Because, without the composition of the notes in the film, not only the appearance and chemistry of Johnson and Blunt are not exciting. Also, it will make this film very bland.

The scoring composition is very upbeat and fantastic, successfully opening our childhood imagination further when watching this film.

The Most Fun Fantasy Adventure Movie

So what are the drawbacks of this film? Well , maybe it's more about the overall feel of the film, which is rather ordinary. After all, the fact is, aren't there a lot of films that focus on adventures in search of valuable artifacts or treasures?

In addition, Prince Joachim in this film is very generic and less attractive as the main villain . Plemons is already acting as cool as possible (even already entered the shutter over the top ), but still the figure of Joachim is already very typical in similar films.

However, despite all these shortcomings, we can conclude from this Jungle Cruise review that this film is fun for us to watch. Moreover, if you are a fan of the fantasy adventure genre /premise or looking for treasure, you will really enjoy Jungle Cruise .

Review There's Someone Inside Your House (2021): James Wan Really Needs To Rest

 We can say 2021 is the year of the top director, James Wan . How come? Unlike in previous years, 2021 is the busiest year. Whether it's to become a director ( Malignant ) and a producer like in this film, we will continue to see Wan's name throughout this year.

But while we are all happy to see this, at the same time we are also a little disappointed. The reason is, the five film projects that he handled in 2021, look and feel less consistent.

More specifically, there are cool films like Spiral , decent like Mortal Kombat , and disappointing ones like Malignant . However, every time we see his name in the film project, we will automatically watch the film.

This includes the film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Stephanie Perkins. Then will James Wan's last release in 2021 be the closing release of a thunderous year? Come on, just take a look at the following review of There's Someone Inside Your House .

Just Moved, Jump Horror

Unlike Malignant, which is a supernatural horror genre or even body horror , There's Someone Inside Your House is actually a teen slasher horror genre based on the 90s hit film Scream (1996).

The film tells the story of a transfer high school student from Hawaii, Makani Young (Sydney Parker). Immediately moved, he immediately had his own gang of friends. And his gang friends, have unique and different personalities.

Now from this explanation, it can be seen that Makani's move from his hometown went very smoothly and pleasantly. But slowly but surely, this new, calm and pleasant life turned into a terrifying terror.

The reason is that he had just moved for a few days, suddenly in his new environment, a sadistic murder took place. And his murder occurred against his fellow high school students. However, Makani and his gang try to calm down and go about their lives as normal.

But when the killer kills one of their gang mates, now they must be vigilant and most importantly, find out the identity of this killer. But of course their intention to reveal the true identity of the sadistic killer, is not easy.

Besides being very agile, the killer also wore an anonymous hoodie and an anonymous mask that made it difficult for Makani cs to identify him. Then, who is the real killer who terrorized Makani, his friends and all the people in his new neighborhood?

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Xem phim Khách Sạn Huyền Bí 4 Vietsub

Xem phim Chủng Tộc Bất Tử Vietsub

So if we read the plot review of There's Someone Inside Your House , it looks and feels like the films of the 90s and 2000s.

Specifically, this film is like the Scream franchise, the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise, the Urban Legend franchise , and other slasher horror films / franchises . And that's exactly what this Netflix horror film is all about.

So if you are a fan of films like that, chances are you will like this film. However, it is also possible that you will be disappointed. Okay, indeed the look, feel , and even the motives of the masked killer follow today's social life.

But overall, this film does not show other fresh aspects . Anyway , apart from the motives and contemporary feel , this film is not much different from Scream cs.

Fresh Motives and Likeable Cast

As you read in the previous paragraph, the motive of the masked killer is very closely related to today's social life. And it's undeniable that this fresh and contemporary motif is what makes the film still watchable .

Anyway, the freshness of this motive makes us slightly support the killer in carrying out his sadistic actions. ALTHOUGH whatever the motive, the act of taking one's life away is totally unacceptable.

This aspect is further strengthened by the ranks of the actors ( cast ) who are very likeable . Especially, Parker as Makani. As the main character, Parker makes us care and concern ourselves especially, about Makani's bad past before finally moving.

Honestly if not for these 2 aspects, this film would be more ordinary and boring. Because yes, to be honest, the story in similar slasher films is still much more interesting than what is presented in this film.

James Wan should rest first

Based on all these assessments, we too can provide the core conclusions of this There's Someone Inside Your House review .

And the point is this film does not provide a very significant distinction or freshness. Anyway, this film is not much different from other similar slasher films . Fortunately, the look, feel , and motifs are very contemporary, successfully saving a little of the film.

But for those of us who are big fans of these types of teen slasher horror , maybe you will still enjoy it . What is clear is that through this review of There's Someone Inside Your House , it is very evident that James Wan must take a break first.

If he wants to be a producer, executive producer, scriptwriter, let alone a director, just stop everything first. This is considering the last few releases that have not been so kicking. The hope is of course, by resting for a while, he can return with a fresher condition .

So, his film projects are back as cool as before. But yeah , I don't think that's possible. Because if we look at his Wikipedia page , in 2022 alone, he already has 2 projects, one of which is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom .

Not to mention the awaited Insidious 5 project (tentative title). So, let's just hope that even though we may continue to "step on the gas", Wan's future works will gradually improve again.

For those of you who want to watch There's Someone Inside Your House , you can already watch it legally via Netflix , October 6, 2021 local time.

Venom Review: Let There Be Carnage (2021): A Sequel That Should Be R Rated

 Regardless of those who like it and those who do not, but there is no denying that the premiere film Venom (2018), received a warm welcome.

How come? Once again after waiting for so long, finally our geeky dream to see Eddie Brock aka Venom in his solo story/adventure, has come true.

Plus his current figure is displayed with CGI technology that is much more sophisticated than when he appeared as a supporting character in Spider-Man 3 (2007) first. And oh yes one more thing, his figure is played by a cool and intense actor from England, Tom Hardy ( The Dark Knight Rises ).

And indeed, once again, there are those who like and there are those who don't like the film. But overall, the film is still entertaining. And most importantly, carry a very large box-office coffers .

Specifically, from its $116 million budget , the film took home $856.1 million. Seeing all these facts, it is not surprising that a sequel was produced. Well , if you want to be clear, even if Venom at that time got less than that amount, a sequel would still be made.

Because as we know, the end of the film's credits itself has prepared for the appearance of a favorite Spider-Man villain besides Venom, Cletus Kasady aka Carnage (Woody Harrelson). And yes, when the credit scene appeared, many of us were very excited to see the sequel soon.

And finally, Venom: Let There Be Carnage is out too. Now the question is, is this sequel much cooler than the first film? Also, is the figure of Carnage here as scary and sadistic as what we saw in the comics and the animated films/series?

Just find out by listening to the Venom: Let There Be Carnage review below.

Eddie Meets Cletus Kasady

Venom Plot : Let There Be Carnage is basically, continuing what we saw in the Venom credit scene . Specifically when Eddie came to Cletus who was locked up in prison.

Cletus asks Eddie to interview and write an article about him. Basically, through this article and his interview, Cletus wants to tell his long-lost girlfriend, Frances Barrison aka Shriek (Naomie Harris), that he is still alive and safe.

After successfully publishing his article through the Daily Buggle , Eddie meets Cletus again. But in this second meeting, everything went tense. Because when they met, Cletus insulted Eddie. Unaccepted, the Venom symbiote inside Eddie, bit Cletus' hand.

Because of his bite, Cletus contracted the Venom symbiote. But instead of being black like Venom, the color of the Cletus symbiote is red. And slowly, this symbiote which was later named Carnage, merged with Cletus.

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Xem phim Chủng Tộc Bất Tử Vietsub

The two of them then made a mess around New York, USA. Seeing this, Venom and Police Detective Patrick Mulligan (Stephen Graham), separately start moving to stop the chaos that Carnage has created.

But even though they are separated, the two of them still often face various obstacles this and that. Especially for Eddie, who not only has to keep his alter-ego identity as Venom, but also has to be able to manage this symbiote who always acts very aggressively.

Then with all these obstacles and obstacles, will the two be able to stop the action that Carnage is doing?

Not as bad as the reviewers say

For those of you who are diligent in looking for reviews of new films, of course you really know. Specifically, you know that the reviews for Venom: Let There Be Carnage so far haven't been that great. Alas, the review is bad.

And the reasons are varied. Some say the story is bad, others say Carnage is not optimal, and so on. No doubt, when I found out about this, I was very skeptical.

So, is this sequel really as bad as all the reviewers say? Well , not really guys . Honestly. I enjoy watching the film. Yes, it's not super good 5 out of 5 stars or A+++.

But overall the film, which is now directed by actor and motion-capturer , Andy Serkis ( The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars ), is still good and easy for us to follow. For me, there is no shortage of things that really hurt our brains and our eyes.

Should Have Adult Rating ( R-rated )

Well, it could be, the main factor why there are so many negative reviews that attack this film, is because of the general film rating or G-rated or maybe PG-rated .

And indeed, I was really heartbroken from the first time I watched it until I wrote a review of Venom: Let There Be Carnage on this decision. If you're a fanboy , you 'll also agree with what I'm saying.

Yes, just logic. This film has characters like Carnage. Which as we know is the saddest and most brutal character. Anyway, there is no pity. And indeed, in this film, fortunately, the Carnage character is still shown as brutally as in the comics.

But still, what we see is very "bearable" . The analogy is like a biscuit that has only half a bite left but we don't finish it. Or in other words, really REPAIR. And it is this aspect that once again makes me unable to stop thinking. Why?

After all, even though they are both Marvel, Venom: Let there Be Carnage , Marvel is still a Sony production, not Marvel Studios. But in the end, I have a bit of a logical theory as to why they made this non-R rating decision.

But unfortunately, I can't share this theory, considering it will lead to spoiler territory . Therefore, please wait and watch this film first when it's released in theaters, okay?

Venom-Eddie's Relationship & Chemistry Are Getting Cooler

Fortunately, these shortcomings were successfully covered with Venom and Eddie's relationship and chemistry which was getting cooler. Anyway, if we liked this aspect when we watched the first film, then I guarantee you, you will like it even more in this sequel.

The relationship between the host and this powerful parasite, is more like the relationship between humans in general. Evidently as I said in the previous plot explanation paragraph, we will later see a scene where Eddie is very frustrated with Venom's aggressiveness.

Or in other words, Venom will be very difficult for Eddie to manage / say. Which, in the end, will cause some conflict between the two. Yes, it 's really freakish when we feel emotional when we witness this aspect. But yes, that is what we will feel later.

True Origin Story and Harrelson's Great Acting

Another coolness in this sequel, is the greatness of Serkis in presenting the origin story of Carnage. Serkis, Sony, and Harrelson seem to have great respect for the origin story of the Carnage comics.

As a result, for those of you who were not at all familiar with the origins of Cletus. Or in other words, how did he get that crazy as a human, you will find out with great satisfaction.

Because of the origin story that we see in this film, it's pretty much the same as the one in the comics. Although yes, there are still some technical modifications. But overall, that's the origin story of Carnage guys .

In addition, we are increasingly satisfied with Carnage's treatment in this film after seeing Harrelson's appearance as Cletus. Again, there may be slight modifications. But for the most part, Harrelson is really cool in playing him.

But it's not surprising either. Because as reported from Harrelson's interview with Collider some time ago, for his Carnage role, this Mickey Knox actor in Natural Born Killers (1994) reads a lot of his Marvel comics.

Specifically, comics that show the origins of Carnage. And once again, we must give a round of applause to this 60-year-old actor. Because he is very smart in studying one of the most iconic characters in the world of superhero comics .

Chemistry Venom-Shreik Seperti di Film Natural Born Killers

Oh yeah by the way Mike Knox and Natural Born Killers , either on purpose or by accident.

But if we see, the chemistry between Cletus and Shreik in this film is really like the chemistry between Harrelson's Mike Knox and Mallory Wilson's character (Juliette Lewis) in the film.

Anyway, both of them are gokil, sadistic, and crazy. Yes, we can say it's like the chemistry between the Joker and Harley Quinn. The point is, if you have watched this film later, you will definitely have the same opinion.

IMPORTANT Post-Credit Scene!

As a result, the conclusion of this Venom: Let There Be Carnage review is that this film is not as bad as all reviewers say. Everything is still entertaining and serviceable . After all, this sequel also features a post-credits scene that we shouldn't miss at all.

Because, the credit scene is VERY IMPORTANT! If we miss it, it is guaranteed that later we will be confused and complain when we later see the figure of Eddie Brock and his Venom.

Okay, indeed this scene has been leaked everywhere . But PLEASE REALLY respect our fellow fanboys or moviegoers who are anti- spoiler . If you already know, DO NOT spread spoiler mines okay?

Dune Review (2021): A Much Epic And Easier To Understand Reboot

 This Dune review contains no SPOILERS at all.

When a few years ago we heard that the 80s sci-fi hit, Dune (1984) was going to be rebooted . And it's undeniable, for those of us who are fans of the sci-fi genre and of course, this film directed by David Lynch ( Mulholand Drive ) is immediately curious but also anxious at the same time.

Because the first film, which also featured the vocalist of the legendary rock band The Police, Sting, was really bad. Anyway, if there really isn't anything to watch in this world, don't watch this Dune movie instead of losing a lot.

However, like The Room (2003), which was considered the worst film of all time, Dune was ultimately considered a cult classic . And, not a few are also big fans of the film, which is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Frank Herbert which was released in 1965.

His 1984 film Hard to Understand

Some of the main reasons why Dune 's 1984 adaptation was so bad, firstly, the story of Dune 's novel is in fact very deep, and very broad in mythology, characters, and so on. So it should be, the widescreen adaptation requires more than 1 film (can be 2-3 films).

Second, when offered to handle the Dune adaptation, Lynch had never read the novel. And the third as quoted from the Wikipedia page Dune (1984 ), in the end Lynch read his novel. And after reading it, he also drafted the adaptation script up to 7 drafts.

Now, after seeing the entire draft of the script, he realized that this Dune story does require more than 1 film. He also initially took the initiative to make the film into 2 films ( parts ).

However, whether due to the urging of the studio or other specific reasons, in the end this Dune film only became 1 film with a duration of 137 minutes. As a result, because of this, the film looks very rushed, shortened.

There are a number of plots and sub-plots that should require a more detailed explanation, but have become very short. So it is not surprising that many audiences at that time had difficulties and were very dizzy in understanding the story.

Even though at the beginning of the film the character Princess Irulan (Virginia Madsen) has recapitulated some of the initial core of the plot, still the rest of the plot and everything looks very confusing and the pacing is very chaotic. Anyway, I really got a headache when I watched the movie.

Is the 2021 Version Really Cool?

But as said at the beginning of this Dune 2021 review paragraph , even though the original film adaptation was completely destroyed. But after all, many ended up liking and even appreciating the film.

And also when I finally watched the 2021 version, which was directed by Denis Villeneuve ( Arrival, Blade Runner 2049 ), I also felt a big advantage from watching the 1984 version, which I watched before watching the 2021 version.

What are the advantages? And is the 2021 Dune version much cooler than the 1984 version? Just look at the following Dune review .

Competition Between Two Families

But before we do an in-depth review and comparison, of course I have to re-discuss the plot of this film. Because as far as I can see, even though you may have watched the trailer or read the plot synopsis, maybe you are still confused about the plot.

Okay, so the plot of Dune released in 2021 is more or less the same as the 1984 film version as well as the novel. In essence, this film focuses on two large families ( houses like in the Game of Thrones series ), namely, House of Atreides and House Harkonnen .

The two of them are depicted as always competing with each other. Usually, which family is more dominant on the entire planet. Well one day, the emperor of the entire planet / film universe , Shaddam Corrino, assigned the leader of the house of atreides , Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac) to go to the desert planet, Arrakis.

Caring for and Maintaining "Spice"

Well, the purpose of the assignment was to replace the position of the Harkonnen family as the leader and supervisor of Arrakis. Although it is a super arid planet, Arrakis is the source of "spice" .

What is "spice?" Spice is a substance or substances that are considered vital. Specifically in this film's mythology, spice is a substance that can prolong life, keep the body healthy, heal wounds, and also increase self-awareness ( improving awareness ).

However, this decree from the emperor turned out to be nothing more than a cunning conspiracy. Specifically, he would later order the Harkonnen family's troops to stage a coup. So that later, Harkonnen can regain control of his spice fields .

Why does he have this evil and messy intention? Because the emperor from the beginning really wanted to eliminate the entire Atreides family who was considered very dangerous during his reign.

Want to Kill Paul Atreides

With this plan, it is not surprising that he also plans to kill Leto's son, Paul Atreides ( Timothee Chalamet ). The reason is, Paul is a candidate for the "default" replacement as the leader of the Atreides family (with the title Duke ) if Leto dies.

Now his father's two children, Gurney Halleck (Josh Brolin) and Duncan Idaho (Jason Momoa), as well as his beloved mother, Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), are aware of this. As a result, they began to train and prepare Paul as well as possible.

Gurney and Duncan prepare Paul with sword fighting and other fighting drills. Meanwhile, Jessica trained Paul with the discipline of Bene Gesserit. Bene Slideit is the name of a group of women who basically have mental superpowers.

One of them, they can hypnotize people to do something the members of Gesserit want. Simply put, the power of Bene Gesserit is like the force in the space soap opera film, Star Wars .

Mysterious Visions and Visions

Well, even though he is being and has been prepared, Paul, who is still very young, of course, is also still very unstable. In addition, he often gets mysterious visions or visions. Which in his vision, he saw the figure of a beautiful woman named Chani (Zendaya).

In addition, he also saw other terrible visions. Wow, what's really going on with Paul? Who is Chani?

What is the meaning of other visions? And with Paul's condition like this, Jessica and several other members of the Atreides family can really prepare Paul to ward off all the dangers that will come his way?

Much Easier to Understand Version

Before continuing, I'm really sorry if the discussion on the plot of this Dune review might be too long. But I have to do it. Because as I discussed in the first paragraph, everything is because the plot of the 1984 film is very messy.

So, to understand all the stories we are also confused ourselves. Well luckily, Villeneuve knows very well about this. So I can say very loudly and proudly, that the plot of this film is much easier to understand.

Even those of us who have never seen the 1984 film adaptation, will immediately understand. And I think this is also influenced by the 2021 version, which is made in 2 films. Alias ​​not forced 1 film like the 1984 version.

Thus, the storytelling and its very broad mythology can be told with more detailed plot lines and sub-plots. Including the plot about Paul's vision of Chani which, in his 1984 film, is not explained at all.

Awesome Cinematography and Production Design

In addition to the storytelling factor which is very easy to understand and Villenueve's direction is very good, another cool factor of Dune 2021 is also all the technical aspects in the film. And when I say all here, really all.

Okay, let's start with the cinematography and production design aspects. WOW guys . Both of these aspects are truly extraordinary. Villenueve and cinematographer Greig Fraser ( Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ), have been very successful in presenting the universe in a very beautiful way.

Apart from looking beautiful, both of them have succeeded in making us feel like we are in their world too. Every dust and sand flying in Arrakis, also looks very realistic. All of this is further reinforced by the overall production on the set that looks and feels very neat.

Scoring Hans Zimmer Who Really Lives and Rumbles

However, despite all the technical aspects of the production, it's amazing, it's meaningless if the scoring isn't good either. Especially for films with the sci-fi genre . Yes, for example, like Star Wars .

Can you imagine if this top franchise didn't feature a score or theme song like "The Imperial March" by John Williams? It would be really bland, wouldn't it? Well luckily Dune is aware of this.

And fortunately too, the 2021 version has a film composer who we don't need to doubt anymore, Hans Zimmer. And yes, as he did in films such as: Inception (2010), The Dark Knight (2008), and other top films, this German composer has once again successfully displayed his legendary cold hands.

GOKIL! His soring in this film, once again succeeded in flying our imaginations when watching Dune . In fact, the more convincing us that the world of this film is real .

Honestly, if he doesn't win Best Original Score at the upcoming Oscar 2022, it's going to be crazy and really weird. Likewise for the Cinematography, Production Design , and even Adapted Screenplay categories .

Even Villenueve, also has the potential to win the best director award in the most prestigious film award event.

Very Okay and Likeable Cast

In addition to the technical aspects and Villenueve, some of the film's actors also have great potential to bring home an Oscar. But of all, the one I predict will take home the best actor award is Chalamet.

Because he is very perfect film as Paul in this film. Yes, he did base his performance on actor Paul Atreides' 1984 film adaptation, Kyle MacLachlan ( Twin Peaks, Sex and the City ).

But in the end, Chalamet managed to combine it with his distinctive acting style. So the character of Paul Atreides, is indeed Paul's version of Chalamet. However, the other co-actors are equally capable in this film.

Well , with names like: Josh Brolin, Jason Momoa, Zendaya, Javier Bardem, Stellan Skarsgard, and Dave Bautista, it's not surprising, isn't it, that the performance aspect of Dune is really cool? And to be honest, I haven't seen a very likeable cast in a long time .

From the first time I watched the film and saw all the actors who appeared (even the supporting actors), I don't know, I immediately felt happy and felt at home. If Chalamet cs later succeeds in winning the best ensemble cast award at several prestigious awards, I will not be surprised.

Even though it's bad, it's very useful

Even before watching Dune 2021, I've seen a lot of super positive reviews from various media and film critics. But I also see a lot of bad reviews given. Moreover, reviews that come from ordinary audiences.

The layman here means those who have just watched the 2021 version and have never watched the 1984 version, let alone read the novel. The average bad review criticizes the film 's pacing which makes you sleepy and also because you don't understand the story.

Okay, for the pacing problem that makes you sleepy, maybe I agree a bit. Especially when it comes to act 3. But even so, in my opinion, the film is still much better and, again, easier to understand than the original 80's film.

Meanwhile, if you don't understand the story, it's clear. They must have never seen the Duner 1984 film and also, have never read the novel. Well, I said earlier that the Dune 80s movie was really bad.

And yes, I will not change that view. But even though it's bad, the original film is very useful in fact. By watching this, at least, we know with the detailed background of the premise of the story, the characters, and of course the entire mythology.

So when I watched the 2021 version, I wasn't immediately confused by the story and the story. In fact, the 2021 version has succeeded in clarifying everything that I know and understand from the original 80s film.

So I once again emphasize in this Dune review , for those of you who really want to watch the 2021 version of Dune , it's best if you watch the 80s version first. Do not worry too much about the chaos of the plot that is displayed. Anyway watch and try your best to understand everything.

Best Movie 2021?

So with all these discussions, then is the 2021 version of Dune really one of the best films of 2021?

Well , for a reboot , then yes, Dune is one of the best movie reboots . As a sci-fi film , Dune 2021 is one of the best sci-fi films . But for the overall best film of the year?

Maybe for the size of 10 or 15 of the best films this year, yes, Dune is one of them. But for the best 5, I don't think so. But regardless, through this Dune review , I can say that this film is very enjoyable .

Anyway, if you like 80s novels or movies, or in general, you like sci-fi films , you will definitely like the 2021 version. Okay, I hope this Dune review is useful, guys !

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Spider-Man 3 (2007) Review: The Overly Forced End of the Trilogy

 Since the release of the film in 2007 or approximately 14 years ago, we often read and hear bad reviews about Spider-Man 3 .

Many think that the third film is very disappointing, even, not a few say that the film is "broken". And this bad reputation once again, is still being brought up and remembered by many people to this day.

Even though if we think about it, this film also features 2 favorite comic characters: Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Eddie Brock aka Venom (Topher Grace). So what's wrong with Spider-Man 3 even though there are already 2 characters here?

Plus, if we look at it again, isn't the film still good enough to watch? Is Spider-Man 3 really as bad as what we often read and hear? Just take a look at the following Spider-Man 3 review .

Something That Is Forced Definitely Does Not End Well

Okay, let's just open this Spider-Man 3 review by answering these questions. Is this Sam Raimi-directed film really that bad? In my opinion, we can't say it's bad. But we can't say it's super satisfying either.

Actually Spider-Man 3 is still delicious and entertaining. Because this film still maintains a serious and fun tonal balance like the two previous films. Moreover, as we all know, the film still features some fun and silly scenes (read: Peter Parker dancing).

The plot still makes sense. Because the film is still continuing the story arc of the entire trilogy: The dynamics of the relationship between two best friends, Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) and Harry Osborn (James Franco).

However, the problem here is that at the end of the film, there are lots of sub-plots and additional characters that are really forced to fit into the whole script. And an example of that statement once again is the appearance of characters and sub-plots involving Gwen Stacy and Eddie Brock.

Gwen & Eddie Are Better For The Fourth Film

Yes, to be honest, even though we are happy with these two characters, their presence in this film is not really necessary. This is because the script of this film is already very dense with problems between Peter and Harry then added to the problems with Flint Marko aka The Sandman (Thomas Haden Church).

Even in my personal opinion, the addition of solving the problem between Sandman and Spider-Man alone already looks very dense in the arc to be mixed and matched with the problem arc between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin.

So these 2 plots should be enough to become the plot of the film's problem. But it turns out that one of the producers, Avi Arad, wanted Gwen and Eddie (especially Eddie's plot with his Venom) to be featured.

In fact, in my opinion, it would be better if Gwen and Eddie just showed the characters and their problems in the fourth film. The reason is also like we see in this film, the arc of love between Gwen and Eddie is also shown.

Honestly, yes, because it was forced in this film, as a result the romance arc between Gwen and Eddie really looks and feels very rushed. Specifically, it was told that they were dating one night and after that, Gwen simply rejected Eddie's love.

In fact, if only Arad didn't force his ego and was very patient to move the two as the main problem of his fourth film, he would have achieved 2 positive things.

First, the two characters get better arc story logic , and second, make Spider-Man 3 much cooler than the final result it currently gets. But yep, as the saying goes, the ego is really hard to beat, isn't it?

Spider-Man's Venom Plot That's Really Messy and Goofy

The next problem of this film is still related to the previous problem point. Yes, because Arad forced the presence of Eddie's character with his Venom, as a result all the arcs with the presence of the Venom symbiote , Eddie, and Spidey's transformation with his symbiote looked chaotic and really funny.

We can even see this right away from one of the early scenes of the film which shows the arrival of the symbiotic Venom to earth which then, "lives" in Peter. While it still makes sense from arriving to sticking and influencing Peter, it still feels very rushed.

As a comparison, the story of Venom's origin in the Venom (2018) movie, which is much more detailed and in accordance with the comics, still makes the film mediocre. Especially if the story is super duper short like in Spider-Man 3 , of course, everything will be very messy and very funny.

Then when Venom finally managed to escape Peter and fall onto Eddie, okay that made sense. But then again, it all felt very rushed. That's why I said earlier, Venom should be the main and only villain in the fourth film.

Applause Of Respect For Sam Raimi

But despite these negative aspects, there is one positive thing that we can take here. At least Sam Raimi has 100% neatly arranged the entire cornucopia of plots.

It's not easy , guys , to rearrange a film with a boisterous plot like Spider-Man 3 . And once again Raimi was very successful in arranging the plots of these 3 different plots so that at least the plot still looks reasonable.

Based on this statement, it is appropriate if we give a respectful applause to the director from Michigan, USA. We can be sure that if Raimi wasn't directing at that time, Spider-Man 3 would have ended up much worse.

Also another advantage of the presence of Raimi again, is that it still maintains the tonal balance of the previous 2 films. Which as we know is not too serious ( dark ), but also not too relaxed.

Maximum and Dedicated Super Performance From All Actors

However, it's not just Raimi's return that at least still makes the film not so bad. In fact, the performance of all the actors is also what saves this film.

Be it Maguire and Dunst, to newcomers like Howard and Grace, they all performed well. And fortunately too, each of them gets a balanced and appropriate performance spot.

Maguire and Dunst in this third film already look like a real couple. They are Peter and MJ. The chemistry of both of them already looks very comfortable. So don't be surprised if we've heard statements from Dunst that he won't want to be involved in the next Spider-Man film project, unless he returns with Maguire.

The individual appearances of the two of them are also equally gokil. Moreover, Maguire in this film must be able to show in essence, Peter's two different personalities from each other. And Maguire is very gokil in displaying it.

Even when his Peter character has to do that goofy dance, he's totally total and willing to make a joke of himself. Of course, this super total dedication, we really have to give thumbs up. As a result, it is not surprising that Tobey is still considered the best Spider-Man actor by the entire audience and his fanboys .

Not As Bad As People Say

In the end, what we can conclude from this Spider-Man 3 review is that this film is in fact not as bad as what we have heard so far. Indeed, if we look at the three films, Spider-Man 3 is the weakest.

However, all of this could have been avoided had there not been a build-up of the plot and supporting characters.

But yes, as we have read in the first paragraph, everything has happened. So whether you want it or not, let's just take the positive sides of this film, one of which is the special effect display which was very cool at that time. Who is not still amazed by Marko's repetitive transformation into his The Sandman?

After all, at least this film is still very entertaining, right? Okay guys , I hope this Spider-Man 3 review is useful!