Interview With the Vampire Review: The Story of a Vampire with a Human Spirit

 Louis is a vampire who has an interesting perspective and character development as a vampire.

Vampire-themed films in general often present the theme of dramatic romance and fantasy action. Starting from the “Twilight” saga which is the idol of every young millennial girl, to classic collections such as “Bram Stoker's Dracula” (1992). While in the 2000s and above, there were more adaptations of the sucker theme from this as an action thriller universe such as "Underworld" (2003), "Van Helsing" (2004), and many more.

It is quite difficult to find a vampire-themed film that is not only about love or the hunt between Dracula and Van Helsing, except “Interview with the Vampire” (1994).

Adapted from Anne Rice's novel of the same name in 1976, this film is more nuanced with gothic drama, with Louis (Brad Pitt) as the protagonist. In the modern era, a journalist is interested in interviewing Louis. Without knowing his real identity, it didn't take long for the journalist to realize that he was talking to an unusual source.

Louis the Vampire Who Has an Interesting Story as a Resource Person

Without bringing up fictional characters in the classic vampire theme that is always the same (Dracula, Van Helsing), Neil Jordan creates a new modern vampire universe through this film adaptation. Where in this story, we will listen to the story of the protagonist named Louis.

More than just a human being turned into a vampire, He has an interesting characterization, then develops into a progressive story. Without understanding the consequences of surrendering himself to the 'darkness', Louis is a vampire with a human soul. He is more willing to drink the blood of mice than to kill innocent humans. This will be his biggest struggle throughout the film. Unbeknownst to him, this point is what makes him different from other undignified vampires.

The film is narratively presented by the protagonist himself, in keeping with the theme that the whole story is an interview. For those of us who enjoy films with dense narrative and dialogue, “Interview with the Vampire” can be a quality entertainment. Not only dense narrative, there is a balance between the content of violence and gore that we can see in certain scenes.

Witness Kirsten Dunst's Acting Debut, See Another Side of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt

“Interview with the Vampire” is the acting debut film for actress Kirsten Dunst, and she managed to give her best performance. Starting from an innocent girl who only thirsts for blood by instinct, then turns into a greedy vampire with big ambitions if she wants something.

Considering that she was 11 years old at the time, Kirsten was able to appear confident, expressive, as an adult woman trapped in the body of a child vampire. It can be an interesting reference to see Kirsten's development as an actress who still exists today.

We also have the opportunity to see different appearances from Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, who are now appearing more in action drama films. The acting direction for this film is very thick with dramatic theatrical nuances, it may seem excessive for those of us who don't like this style of acting execution. However, according to our expectations when the film is set in the past. Where women still wear lace dresses and parasols, so do men in capes and tall hats.

Exciting Movies for Loyal Fans of the Vampire Theme

There is a wide spectrum of vibes that can be executed with a vampire theme, it can be classic, romantic, action, horror, even in a futuristic setting. For true vampire fans who love exploring the backgrounds of these immortals, “Interview with the Vampire” is guaranteed to keep you entertained.

Although there have been many modern influences, there are still many characteristics, characteristics, to the dignity of vampires that are preserved in this film script.

Vampires are synonymous with immortality, their charm in terms of appearance, charismatic, and of course their thirst for blood. Louis as the protagonist is probably one of the best vampire characters in Hollywood.

Although there is no touch of romance, his loyalty to his wife is indirectly reflected, enough with the fact that he doesn't think about finding a life partner throughout the film. In the end, the excellent character development will amaze us with this character. How can He read what everyone is looking for, then refuse to make it happen.

“Interview with the Vampire” is even more interesting than the more popular “Bram Stoker's Dracula”.

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