Army of The Thieves (2021) Film Review: Mediocre But Not Boring!

 Zack Snyder's Army of The Dead has become a topic of conversation among pop culture fans on social media. In this film, Zack tries to present a different zombie action film. Who would have thought, the film universe was expanding. After reviewing the first film, now has the opportunity to watch the spin-off film Army of The Thieves which will be released in 2021.

Army of The Thieves is a film directed and starring Matthias Schweighöfer. He returns to play the character of Ludwig Dieter, who is an expert safe-breaker. Briefly, this film tells the story of Ludwig's past and how he can go to the United States and join the army of death to break into the legendary vault of Götterdämmerung in zombie-infested Las Vegas. Is Army of The Thieves worth watching? Is the film good? Check out the version of the Army of The Thieves film review !

A Mediocre But Quite Interesting Robbery Story

When the release of the film Army of the Dead , many viewers and critics gave it a bad rating. According to critics, Zack Snyder's film is too long and boring. The only thing that is interesting is the zombie universe and the appearance of various unique zombies that you have never seen before in any zombie movie.

Unlike its predecessor film, this time Army of The Thieves presents a story that makes much more sense and is very interesting. As a spin-off film  , of course there are still zombie elements in this film, even if only a little. This film focuses more on the life of the character Ludwig Dieter aka Sebastian who is a safe breaker with extraordinary abilities. In this film, Ludwig joins a team of international robbers and plans to break into 3 legendary safes made by Hans Wagner.

In the process of breaking into the legendary and tight safe, of course there are many very exciting events. Starting from love drama, comedy and also a depiction of how the life of a safe burglar. With a duration of approximately two hours, this film densely provides the story of a robber that is very exciting, tense, funny and romantic. This film is far from boring because the story is indeed interesting.

Visual Details, Properties and Costumes are Total

Besides the story which is very interesting because it discusses the impossible robbery, the visuals in this film are also very supportive. The cinematography and the details of the pictures are so fluid and easy for us to follow. The editing and coloring are also very in line with the mood of the scene that this film wants to build itself. In addition, the costumes and makeup in this film are so total, especially for the character Gwendoline, played by Nathalie Emmanuel.

But of all that we have mentioned above, the thing that stands out the most from the film Army of The Thieves is the detailed depiction of the safe during the break-in process. We can see the lock mechanism in the safe in detail. When the main character Sebastian tries to break into a safe, it feels like we can feel how the safe works. These details are also more interesting with the story and history of each safe. Anyway, these three safes are a plus in itself. Moreover, the design of the safe is different and has its own uniqueness.

Less Explorative Character Background

Finally, we will discuss the shortcomings in this film. Actually this film would be very good if only the character development and background of the 5 robbers in “Army of the Thieves” were more exploratory. So in this film Ludwig is not the only person who took part in carrying out the robbery. Ludwig is the main character in charge and has the ability to break into safes. Then there is the character Gwendoline who is an expert in planning, undercover and direct theft ( pickpocketing) . Then the character of Rolph who is an expert in driving cars, Brad Cage who is an expert in fighting and finally Korina the legendary hacker.

Actually, these 5 characters can get enough of their respective stories. But somehow the director or scriptwriter only focuses on the story of Ludwig's character. Although there is a background for the other characters but it is minimal. If only this character development was maximized, maybe "Army of The Thieves" could be the best robbery film and different from similar films.

So that's the review of the version of the Army of The Thieves film. What do you think Popins? Are you interested in watching this film from Zack Snyder's "Army of The Dead" universe? If you're curious, you can watch it on Netflix right away !

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